Roses – Oil on canvas, 16 x 20″, 2018.

I’ve completed another painting while I deliberate over how I create a café scene worth painting.

As mentioned previously, I’ve been watching a lot of painting videos on YouTube. One artist that caught my attention was a chap called Oleg Buiko. He’s particularly good at painting peonies and roses freehand and, like many art tutors, he made it all look very easy. So, I thought I’d give it a go myself (in reality not that easy…). As I am a huge fan of roses in general it made perfect sense to start there. I borrowed lots of images of roses from the interweb, although when it came to it they all kind of went out of the window as viable research material. I was mostly working from memory and applying much artistic licence in my own rendition of this most beautiful of flowers. I sort of had an idea of where I wanted to go with it in terms of colour palette, though for the most part I wung it.

My original sketch on the canvas started like this:

Roses – Initial layout sketch on canvas.

And it very quickly evolved or perhaps devolved to this…

Blocking out. Stage one.

I’m not sure if I made it better or worse, although where I went with the painting wasn’t exactly where I was intending to go. However, as is the case with freestyle painting, and also painting a la prima (wet on wet), things change rapidly and you need to have your wits about you. My wits left me after the first five hours, then I had to resort to painting with the aid of my iPhone’s camera as I’d become paint-blind by that point – much easier to see the task at hand when miniaturised.

I think in all it took me around ten hours to complete. Relatively quick compared to my previous landscape. All a learning curve and, I can say that I’m beginning to enjoy the experience of painting with oils.

I’ve spent the day today creating many different versions of this painting in digital format. Not that I dislike the original, although being my own worst critic does tend to get in the way. It is growing on me though. Now that I’m able to see it in the light of the day the colours are much how I hoped they would be. The roses however, are not quite how I envisaged them, but I think they look rose-like and so, I think I can say I achieved my objective. Here are some of those painterly digital versions I was playing with:

Now for the café painting…

5 thoughts on “Oil Painting ‘n’ Stuff – Roses

      1. Not really, not someone I ‘follow,’ but I do like a Brazilian artist named Jozan (have visited his studio many times in Embu das Artes). Brad Holland is superb, and Leonid Afremov always, always, always make me go “Whoa!”

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        1. Leonid Afremov I’ve heard of, as we’ve spoken about before. Brad Holland and Jozan are new to me, although I do recognise the banner image on your blog as being that of Brad Holland. 🙂

          Holland’s work is fantastic and reminds me very much of Dali, whom I loved as a kid, especially after visiting his museum just outside of Barcelona. I had great aspirations on becoming a surrealist artist myself and would spend much time sketching controversial and poignant political images during my teens, and envisioning potential sculptures. Not many of them have survived with me, neither did some of my more avant grade ideas make it into creation. Might have to do a post on this, come to think of it. You’ve definitely helped trigger a train of thought here.

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