Forgive me if I’ve posted this handsome wee pup somewhere before, but she makes me laugh every time I see her bug-eyed little face in this shot I very serendipitously managed to snap a couple of years ago. She and her owners live just across the street, so I often see her being toted about in her pink bag to save her little legs the climb up the stairs to their apartment. Probably caught spotting a squirrel in this particular pic (I’m nosey so I’m always armed with a camera on this side of my window).

In fact, I’ve been snapping at life through the window of my art/writing studio for years now, so much so that I have an entire series I’ve entitled, ‘Though My Window’ – imaginatively enough!

This rather hot and frazzled Cardinal is another wee critter I managed to capture on digital film just the other week while I was being bitten profusely by gnats and mosquitos out on the balcony – it’s been very hot and humid here lately, temperatures most conducive to these little biting terrors. However, all the subsequent days of swelling and itching were almost worth it for the privilege of being able to capture these usually speedy red flashes on camera.   The slightly less colourful Mrs. Cardinal was foraging for grubs at the time. Mr. Cardinal was keeping diligent watch, and eyeballing me most intently while trying to keep cool. Poor little buggers!

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