Today is Frida Khalo’s birthday. She was born 111 years ago in 1907, Mexico. You may or may not be aware that I am quite a fan of this fine and very talented young upstart (although 111 years may be a little past its sell-by) – just saying.

We have an odd relationship, if you can call it that. Had we been life contemporaries I’m sure we would have got on like a casa en llamas! However, we have become life and afterlife friends (respectively). It certainly makes for some interesting conversation, I can tell you!

By now, you all know what I do. I’m an artist and I sometimes talk to dead folk – or, not-dead folk according to them. Frieda, who prefers the spelling of her birth name – as opposed to the artistic moniker, Frida that she adopted in life – is quite a character. She doesn’t often say much, but when she does it’s very poignant, poetic, often in Spanish and usually fit for a sailor. As I always say, believe or don’t believe: I don’t care. And I say that with a smile and a wink in my eye, although I’m sure that could also  be the effect of Frieda’s incessant cigarette smoke… never mind, I’m a Synaesthete.

She has a raucous laugh and a boisterous way about her, but she’s funny and loves watching old movies. I don’t doubt she would have been a lot of fun, but an absolute handful in life. 🙂

I created my own painterly reproduction of the birthday girl based on a famous photo of her taken by one of her many admirers, of which I am yet another.


Happy Birthday, Frieda!!

5 thoughts on “Feliz Cumpleaños Frieda!!

    1. A bit before her time is right. She passed all too young, but I think she was ok with that, if I should be so bold!

      Excuse the delay in my response, but my life seems to be on general tape delay at the moment. I hope your Sunday is treating you well – although it’s probably already verging on Monday for you…(mutter, mutter…) 😉

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      1. Monday, cold but no snow. Just as well, I got my ‘first lambs of the season’ snap yesterday … poor things.


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