The problem with not recognising that we are solely responsible for our own happiness is that we spend nearly all of our time looking to blame someone else for the way we feel. We credit others with the power to either lift us up, or bring us down, when that job is ours, and ours alone. We give away our power to others who are doing just the same as us, looking for us to blame for their misalignment, their misjudgement, and their misunderstanding of what it is to be at peace, and to be whole. Except, it’s just a choice we make from one moment to the next: to either be kind to ourselves, or take up the familiar reigns of struggle, where it is always us versus the world, and where nobody can ever win.

Nobody stole our thunder, nobody took the wind from our sails, and nobody made us feel unworthy. We did that, because we allowed ourselves to believe in the possibility of our own unworthiness. In every moment that we do that, we actively choose the opposite of what we want, and what is good for us. We would never recommend that others do that, yet we sacrifice our own wellbeing for less than the price of a moment’s extra thought – a moment’s pause. Believe me, we are worth every good thought that we create.

Feeling centred, and true to ourselves is not a struggle, because we already are, and always will be centred. If we are struggling still with troublesome thoughts and troublesome feelings, with the yes-buts, and the but-theys, then we still aren’t paying attention to how we feel from one step to the next, from one breath to the next. We still aren’t taking responsibility for how we feel, or even recognising that we can change how we feel just by deciding to THINK something different.

So, just let go. Let go of holding ourselves hostage to thoughts and feelings that we don’t want, and let our own creative curiosity lead us down better paths.

Let’s stop putting up resistance, and do ANYTHING that makes us feel better RIGHT NOW, in every NOW, until our cheeks hurt from grinning so much, until going with the flow of our abundant nature is all that we know how to do, and for the rest of our lives – because choice is a powerful thing. It’s the only thing that will set us free.

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