…’cos we all know there is more than one of these fellows. Obviously caught in the off-season about to enjoy a little R&R perhaps, via the good graces of Amtrak as he’d just arrived at Washington DC’s Union Station. Bodyguard in tow – probably an elf – face obscured for security reasons, and dressed in conservative civvies, unlike our colourful friend still dressed in association colours on account of keeping up appearances, despite trying to maintain a low profile when not on the job.

I know it’s perhaps a little early for all this talk of holiday cheer. We haven’t even got passed All Hallows Eve yet!


It’s always a good time for a little injection of mirth, no matter the time of year, and this one always makes me chuckle. The expression of surprise on our subject’s face was priceless as he caught me pointing my very long lens at him – what do you expect dressed like that…?

Immortalising him further in the digitally painted medium was just the icing on the rum-soaked fruit cake. But what a gift he gave me, irrespective of his disgruntling.

Merry Christmas!!

5 thoughts on “United Santa Association

  1. Hey man, shooting a poor guy trying to be incognito is all mirthed up. He looks stressed because you caught him wearing his union gear, and he’s probably in trouble with his union bosses back home now. Still it’s excellent work. 🙂

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  2. It takes more than cutting off the ‘b’s to emasculate … your post raises delightful questions~!

    As for too early, some of the major department stores here have had their Xmas displays (“Buy! Buy! Buy!”) since September.

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    1. Haha! Yes, indeed… alphabety spaghetti springs to mind…

      In the UK, Christmas always started in July. Here in the U.S. however, Christmas is not the major holiday of the year. Halloween is huge, as is Thanksgiving, and pumpkin-related paraphernalia has been on the shelves for some months already. Probably since Easter in fact – they really don’t like to let the dust settle around these parts. Must be an East Coast thing – way too eager over here to let the stifling summer temperatures slide back into, too-flippin’-cold-for-me!

      Double turkey dinner suits me fine though…

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