I did always say that when I retired I would focus more on being an artist. Keeping true to my word, that’s what I now spend most of my time doing, when I’m not travelling and taking pictures. The kind of art, or rather how I’ve been producing it differs considerably from my original plan, but ever being keen to explore new mediums and techniques, I sometimes find myself wandering off, and of course discovering new wonders.

For the past few months I’ve been learning how to create digital paintings and sketches. Transforming photographs into works of art is something I have done for years now, though in these recent months I have come across a company who produces some amazing products for achieving artistic effects that faithfully simulate traditional oils, pastels, charcoal, pencil, watercolour and the like. Frankly, what I think they’ve achieved is groundbreaking, and the best there is out there right now. As artistic mediums to add to one’s arsenal, these apps are proving invaluable, opening up a whole new field of stylistic interpretation for the humble but eager artist, such as I am.

Anyway, enough waffling. Some of my works of art are now fully commercially licensed and available through 500px, under phiphotographyandart, should you wish to peruse my efforts and consider a purchase, or just have a nose at my growing collection. Otherwise stay tuned right here where you can see a lot of it for nuffink. 🙂

The following pieces were created from photos taken during a recent trip to California, using a barrage of different apps to achieve their final effects. The original photos weren’t so great, quality wise, but they have lent themselves rather well to being transformed into classical pieces of art.

It’s unlikely I will be posting anymore of these paintings on my photography blog as it just seems to confuse people. Do however, click on the gallery below and enjoy!

I’m also throwing in a seagull for good measure, because everybody loves a seagull…

13 thoughts on “Everybody Loves a Seagull…

  1. These are just so great, and I just signed up to 500px.

    Sunday is G’s birthday. I got the prints done earlier this morning, and they look truly awesome. Will try to get a video/photo of the moment.

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        1. Funny, I read Sunday as ‘Today’. Mind you, I’m struggling to keep up with whatever day of the week it is at the moment – trappings of being retired I suppose. One day is much like the next!

          Happy birthday to G for Sunday then…! 😉

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