The following piece is another excerpt from my metaphysics book, which I continue to write, although I have now written the first draft of the final chapter.

Tuesday 20th June 2017 – 10:49am

“Infractions of the heart do occur. It does not take much to realise that your heart beats with every thought. It thrives on the life that you give it, and in return it adds a quality to your life that would be lost without it. Despite our play on words here what we tell you has some very serious connotations. You are the creator of your own particular reality, and therefore this is an endeavour you share with all involved within your field of consciousness. You know all of this by heart because your heart literally beats with the rhythm of this deep innate knowledge. Language as you understand it, is a beautiful thing. It expresses many nuances of experience in ways that would not be possible without your human tongue. It is not superior to the communication of consciousness in all its myriad forms, but through linguistic intent there is a uniqueness that does indeed colour your reality beautifully. Cherish the moments you have with your loved ones, and enjoy the times when they would appear to be absent.
What we tell you should not be taken lightly, though lightly is how you should treat all that you aspire to concentrate upon. Your experience has a validity that no single negative thought can obviate or negate. All thoughts are valid. Yet your preponderance to focus on those that cause you pain and mishap overly long must be discarded, with love, but nevertheless allowed to return to the source from whence you arise. The ‘universe’ is far more adept at dealing with their tenacious energy far more easily than your physical form is able to digest.

There is only good. Positive intent is to be found in all that you see and experience. It does not matter if you [do not] believe in the sanctity of your spirit or that of your physical form at all, your natural imperative to grow and to function as fully as you are able will always override any misgivings you may have about doing so. No one individual is more adept or better equipped than you at your own survival. This applies likewise. You are not here to placate judgement or to force such opinions on others without a very clear give and take, an agreement that all your manifested portions excel in their life domains.
No knowledge is lost, even though the words and actions may change. Remember that you are already imbued with all the answers you seek to uncover.
At times, you are your own worst enemy, but once again you are to treat yourself with kindness and allow yourself to be released from such negative bonds by discarding such thoughts when they arise. Tell yourself that all worries and concerns are to be resolved without your full participation. The universe, as has been stated, is far more adept at dealing with these latent forces, and indeed chemical imbalances in far more an efficient manner than you at your current point of focus.
We do not advocate that you shirk responsibility for those causes you deem fit to warrant your concentration, but at least do so with a loving intent and the knowledge that you are to grow from the experience. When you tell yourself otherwise, you are doing yourself and others a great disservice.
Understand that all that we tell you comes from you. It comes from all of you. These words would not exist were it not for your own very active participation in the endeavour of your present humanity. No word is lost, neither is it given in error. All is laid bare for you to contemplate, cogitate, and discard or accept as you see fit. NO word is given to you in error. We repeat this because we wish for you to understand the import of its statement – this collection of words; this highly structured and meaningful sentence. The poetry and rhythm of its meaning is codified intent, presented to you with emotional bravado. Words are indeed like magic wands that have the ability and power to unlock and reveal qualities that you may not have known you possessed prior to this moment. The revelatory nature of your human existence is couched within the language and the actions you give voice and movement to. Life cannot exist without you anymore than you can exist without it.

You speak for the leaves and the wind that blows through them as they sway and bounce upon the bows of the tree that sustain their growth. The tree has its own vitality and exists within its own cocooned state of consciousness, quite as separate as yours would appear. But it interacts with your consciousness in much the same fashion as you breathe life into its very cells. The tree sustains you in ways that you have yet to anticipate. It exists because you exist, and so to the same degree it breathes life into your own cells and makes possible your existence. Your insistence upon being master of all your survey is erroneous indeed, at least from the focus of your current understanding, but it is a quality that is inherently human. You think therefore you are. Yet you are not, and you are master of all you survey, though in quite different terms than you are used to. Understanding the cooperative nature of your reality as it exists within your current field of perception is the very purpose of your collaborative experience. Your physical form could not exist without a continued collaboration of all you survey. You and the tree and all its leaves are unified by common intent. You are one.
The tree would like to thank you for your continued cooperation, and you should be grateful that it exists as it does for your pleasure.
Your sense of play is significant, and life is given to lightness and joy when you treat it with such reverence. The grass dances because you choose to walk upon it. The sky delights in your presence when you greet it as you would a loving parent. Expressing your love for the world around you, the world you breathe into being is a devotion to the cause of your own existence. It matters. You matter. It is not for you to cast ill feeling on yourself or others because you deem yourself unfit in the eyes of whatever authority you claim has governance over you. You are the keeper of your soul. Your integrity stands firm and is indestructible. No one else has charge over your being or your existence. The energy of All That Is, is present and active within all of your parts, within every breath, every play on words, action and apparent miscommunication. You breathe because it gives you life. And your imagination soars because the universe soars within you.
Do not allow yourself to be numbed by the familiarity and the profanity of your day to day experience. Safety is important, and familiarity encourages a sense of safety. But you do not have to confine yourself to missives of regularity. The knowledge and acceptance that your body and the world you inhabit will keep you safe will help broaden your experiences so that you do not feel so stifled at times when the woods, and the landscapes beyond slip your awareness.
Do not fret, my friend. For you will know better days as you learn to ease your focus.”

8 thoughts on “The Validity of Humans and Trees

  1. This makes a good conclusion–a walk-away, so to speak for the whole of it all. “Don’t worry about a thing [although to the extent you worry, be gentle with yourself, and be assured] ’cause every little thing gon’ be alright. Bob was right all along.

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  2. As the definitive world-class nit picker here (and not wanting to seem too picky): ‘infraction?’ or ‘infarction’?

    And now to read on …


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