Recovering as I am from a mild concussion, (don’t ask…), I thought I’d share and indeed recycle stuff written way back when, as opposed to focussing on writing anything new. Head’s still a little fuzzy, and I’m not supposed to be on the computer.

I’ve been going through my archives lately trying to refresh my memory of the channeled material I have accumulated. As has often been the case, many channeling sessions have been of a rather personal nature, but they are no less pertinent in terms of the kind of insights they might offer others.

Jane Roberts and her husband Rob Butts during the years of interacting with the entity known as, Seth, held many personal sessions that they both later regretted to some extent not making public, just because of the invaluable insights that Seth would often propose. The few personal sessions that they did allow to be published were testament to a whole wealth of material that I believe many would have found helpful and directly applicable to their own circumstances. Not wishing to be caught in the same quandary, I have decided to post some of my own personally related sessions with the Sidiris, sanitised where necessary and as I deem fit. Following in the words of Emili Sandé and my girl, Frieda Khalo, laying bare one’s art with complete honesty and shamelessness is an important part of being an artist, and lights a torch for others to follow. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

As an aside, I’ve been channeling Frieda Khalo for some time now, since last summer, in fact. She’s a real character. Perhaps someday I’ll post about it. Perhaps someday I will also begin the painting she asked me to do. Preliminary sketch already mostly complete.

Anyway, the following is a piece I wrote back in the Autumn of 2015, just days before I was due to move to the States. It’s a great demonstration of how the Sidiris often reprimand me in the gentlest of ways for buying into the illusion of memory, and the very real effects it can have on one’s daily experiences. It is a good lesson for us all, I believe. I’m posting this as it was written, even though it may seem as though I’m airing personal laundry, but I think the context is necessary in adding emotional weight to the material channeled. Please feel free to refresh yourselves with my disclaimer on this blog if you feel the need to protest. Otherwise, thanks for reading.


September 11th 2015

I’ve just received a letter in the post from mum imploring me not to leave my three children having only just heard from my brother of my impending move to the USA. I had absolutely no intention of telling her anything. For one, she wouldn’t understand, as she clearly doesn’t, two, we haven’t been in contact for over a year so I don’t see it as any of her business. Neither is she a paragon of good parenting. In fact I wish she had been the one who had left when I was a kid, and not my Dad (although in hindsight he wasn’t a model of good parenting either), I would have been spared the years of physical and psychological abuse I endured from her. In some ways it could be said that I now find myself in this position because of her and my father’s actions throughout the course of my childhood. Although their effects were by far not exclusive to my formative years. What I am alluding to is the lack of a stable foundation in life with which they provided me. At least I can say I have achieved that with my children. They are happy and well-rounded for the most part, and they certainly know what it is to be loved and deeply cared for. I’m also not leaving my children. They actively chose not to come with me, even Raef the youngest of the three. They may yet change their minds, but their Dad is a good Dad even though it took him a while to step up to the plate. My leaving has made that easier. My leaving has lifted the stress of my ill-health that overshadowed us all for as long as my children have been part of this world. My mother will forever remain clueless. Not my problem.

I suppose then that today’s Daily Channel will be using this little pocket of stress as a springboard., by way of alleviating said stress and attempting to put the world to rights again.

“The stress you feel is not endemic to your nature. There are degrees of certainty with which you address particular issues in your life. Your mother is the least of your worries in many ways, despite your nagging conscience, and the references that you insist on making with regards to a past that is as nebulous in content as your present confines. The world exists outside of the four walls of the room you currently inhabit because you imagine it so, with such vivid clarity as to make it seem more real than it is. You give it validity through insistence. As with your torrid childhood, the validity you provide it is what keeps it alive and well within your psyche, however it does not have to be so. It is not within your nature once again to perceive your moment to moment reality with such a negative cast, so allow yourself to be free of those confines and understand fully that you create your own reality, as do your children, and your parents. Releasing focus releases indemnity. You cannot feel guilty if you do not place yourself in a position of powerlessness. You are not responsible for more than you currently perceive. That you have received such messages from your errant parent is a reminder that you are indeed the progenitor of your own making. Simply put, you get what you focus upon, and of late you have been focussed to some degree on whether you should be telling your mother of your plans to begin anew or not. The Universe, We, YOUR collective consciousness responded in kind, assisting you in your dilemma by presenting you with other options other than direct conflict you felt you should be avoiding. No system is closed as we have said before.
Your mother has complex issues to attend to within her own sphere of reality, and although she feels isolated and alone, her respite is reflective of the pain you often entertain with regards to her treatment of you. This is not to say that you must forgive her actions, but at least consider that she too is part of your collective endeavour, and is as open to the changes you are experiencing as she is against them. People fear what they cannot measure; your human nature is a challenge in that way. Her challenge is unique in that her own gestalt of being is a journey that she is much committed to. She has lessons from what you may term past existences with which she is choosing to contend in her current focus. You are not at odds, you simply do not coincide in ways that are beneficial to either of you at your current junctures. Remember, all interactions and reactions are a collective endeavour. Nothing originates with you alone, despite our having told you repeatedly that you create your own reality, which indeed you do, but you do so from the standpoint of the greater consciousness of which you are a most active part. The mistake you perhaps make is in believing that your current physical form with all its limitations and trappings is the originator of all that you currently experience and survey within the remit of your personal experience, however, it is not. YOU, the real YOU is not contained within your physical form. You shoehorn yourself into your current mode of thinking, so to speak, in order to experience this particular strand of consciousness, or so you would believe owing to your current belief expectations. It would seem to work that way given what we have shared with you thus far. It is not a bad model, but it does not require great weight to be placed upon it. Nothing is at it seems. Everything is as you expect it to be. And with that we wish you a pleasant afternoon.”

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