It has been a revelatory and an inspiring experience the past few days re-reading the material that I have amassed for this metaphysics book that I seem to have been writing for years now, or perhaps put more succinctly, formulating in my consciousness ready for the moment it would appear. Doing so has brought me a little more clarity as to how I should structure the book, which up until now has been a mystery to me entirely. But I feel happy that I’ve been able to at least publish a sample chapter here on this blog. There’s so much more material sitting in my archives, but as my work on this book has tended to be sporadic, I’m going through the process of locating it all and organising it better. It’s a big task, and essentially marries two books together, although I’ve yet to see if that is actually going to work, or whether they should remain two separate books. One book has a very spiritual overtone to it, and is predominantly channelled material, and the other, the newer one, can be described as being more organic and is written more from my own standpoint, interspersed with channelled pieces.

I have yet another book that sprung up as a result of a new and ongoing project. A suggestion from a ‘friend’ that I should channel whatever comes to me from my photographic images. I’ve always been inspired by the notion of Jane Roberts’ concept of a psychic library. A repository if you like, of consciousness where specific lines of thought can be explored and where information is readily available on any given topic. I like the notion that I can just close my eyes and imagine entering such a space, in my case a vast, cavernous library with shelving reaching the skies, and books on every subject imaginable. Jane Roberts is always there as the smiling librarian to help me find exactly the book I need, or indeed, as she does often, make suggestions of books to read/channel.

The suggestion was then, that each of my photos could potentially be the cover of a book, and that I should attempt to do this channelling exercise with every image. Of course, in this very human reality where such things take much time, that would probably consume the rest of my life. I have thousands of photographs. In fact, I have no real clue how many thousands at this point, but it is very likely to be in the tens of thousands. A monumental task that to be frank, is relatively unrealistic. However, I did give it a go with a couple of them. One of which actually began developing into a book. As often happens when I channel I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to be getting myself involved with, and this book was no exception. It is about Islam as told from the viewpoint of five different women, and is radically titled: The Equation of Goodness. If anyone is interested I can send you a PDF of the material so far, though I am loath to post it publicly as it may be seen as a relatively incendiary work, even though to all intents and purposes it is a work of fiction, being that truth of course, is very subjective. Incidentally, my metaphysics book covers that too.

It’s been raining heavily since yesterday evening and has stopped briefly for half an hour. Low, thunderous rumbles have been punctuating what is otherwise a very quiet start to the day, albeit a somewhat late one. Retirement is great. It’s pretty sodden outside with the path running along the front of our apartment complex having turned into a steadily flowing creek. Not much chance of getting out for a walk today, especially as we have also been issued with a tornado warning, so a good opportunity to continue work on a monkey brooch my eldest son has requested, inspired by the one below, with a few tweaks and changes of course, to accommodate the fact that he is my son and prefers the colour green.


Time for more coffee, especially after the last murderous thunderclap…

2 thoughts on “Books, Islam and Performing Monkeys

  1. I’ve found that following one’s instincts in writing will always be better than following logic. Logic is for editing and organizing. If a work takes the rest of one’s life, then, perhaps, it’s meant to be one’s life’s work. One should always have a life’s work.

    P.S. I like the self-portraits at the bottom of the post. 🙂

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