BESS' ART JOURNAL: Through the eyes of an artist

While I’m contemplating what jewellery project to commit to next I’ve been making my own cosmetics. About six years ago I stopped buying commercial beauty products and began making my own, both for health and economic reasons. I’ve made everything from shampoo, conditioner, body butter, lip balms, perfume, face masks, soap, massage oils, to bath-bombs. I even make my own sun-screen, and anti-ageing creams.

raspberry-bars-portrait-bright_mphixEven though I have carried out a lot of my own research into the raw ingredients available, their various properties, and health benefits, I’m still learning new things and coming across new products that might help me make the ultimate moisturiser, or help make my sun-screen bars more effective and safer for me to use in the harsh summer heat and sun.

I did consider the possibilities of selling my products for profit, however, stringent guidelines exist when it comes to creating products for commercial purposes. It’s very…

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