I’ve woken up early this morning, on a Sunday after a troublesome night in dream land. Second night in a row.

I always make myself a half-caf coffee in the morning (I try to keep caffeine intake to a minimum so I don’t spontaneously combust), and usually it does the job of providing me with some sense of normality. Not today. My coffee is broken.

Advertisement for Folger's Coffee, c.1950sThis has been a tough week given the results of the Presidential election here in the United States of Amurika. I, like a lot of other people out there feel bereft of my human dignity. Not that I didn’t before, but you know how it is, after a while you get used to it. This however, is an altogether different flavour of disappointment that I haven’t felt since I was a kid living in 80s London with a psychotic mother, an unforgiving older brother, an overworked absent father, and a lot of blind and prejudicial eyes either being turned from me, or aimed at me. My version of hell hands down. You have no idea how beef flavoured crisps and crap music can affect a person!

Whatever glimmer of hope I was hanging on to has been polished off of this particular gemstone. Perhaps it’ll pass, like this new presidency.

Some years back, before 9/11 I predicted, as is my wont, that by 2036 the United States of America would be in utter ruin. Like something out of a Mad Max movie no less. Hey, I don’t write this script. But as I predicted the burning of the Kuwait oilfields, and 9/11, not to mention the death of my ex-mother-in-law to the very day, including cause, I don’t take these things lightly. Despite this, I always err on the side of being optimistic, hoping that my insights may indeed be wrong. I’m not a doomsayer. Completely the opposite in fact, ask anyone who actually ‘knows’ me. But this recent shit has got me sitting up and paying attention.

It didn’t help that I got caught up last night watching a TV show about the doomsaying cult of Mary here in the U.S. no less. And honestly, I’m still waiting for the voice of reason to pipe up and tell me that it’s all just a bad dream that I’m going to wake up from very soon. Maybe that’s true too, in the grand scheme of things. But I just don’t know. And I think I’m allowed to just not know. Although it bugs me.


Here’s a song to cheer everybody up by the long lost band from the 80-90s, Del Amitri – Nothing Ever Happens. The irony is killing me…


24 thoughts on “My Coffee is Broken…and Nothing Ever Happens.

    1. It’s a sorry state of affairs. Abhorrent, appalling and totally predictable. Watching the whole process was like trying to grab handfuls of dry sand. As well as Hillary was doing, and as much as the people had elected her President, you knew at the same time that the orange-haired idiot was getting away with murder and would win the electoral collage vote. Goes to show that people need to be careful what they wish for. Hopefully they’ll find something to impeach him for. Even better, there’s a hope that somebody will put us out of our misery by taking him out, somewhere nice.

      He is the oldest President in history. I think he’ll be finding out really soon that he might have bitten off more than he can chew, and that actually he’s not really in charge. The House of Congress is.


      1. No, no … you’ve got it all wrong, Missie … America is the Paradigm of Democracy, no?
        So ‘We The People’ are in charge, no?

        Furthermore: brrrrrr …

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  1. Immediately I heard that Trump had announced he was running I knew in my heart he would eventually win.
    And the Democrats dumped Bernie Sanders! Lol… what bunch of hypocritical arseholes!

    America is home of the Reality Show and Trump played the system to perfection.
    On the occasion I ever bothered to watch him I felt it was like watching The Apprentice.

    I see your video and raise it.

    Here’s Showbiz Kids from one of the greatest bands ever, Steely Dan.
    The lyrics are perfect!
    PS. Have another coffee. We need the buzz right now!


    1. [See my comment to Argus above.]

      He played a very strategic game. Doesn’t mean he is especially clever, but he knows all the tricks of how to rouse a crowd. I think he is a megalomaniac judging by a number of articles I’ve read. An interesting insight was an article I read about photographers who have photographed him over the years, and their view of Mr. Dumbass. Many thought him to be charming but unpredictable, boorish, with an insatiable appetite for believing he could just take whatever he wanted. He has been flirting with running for President since the 80s apparently. So this is just the cherry on his cake.

      It’s all been very painful to watch, and even more painful to have to now live with. I would imagine he is one of the most hated President Elects in history. He’s already pouting and throwing a tantrum about how the media covered him throughout the election. He’s already made the New York Times apologise. Sorry Mr.Dumbass, you dug your own grave there.

      Thank you for both videos, Ark. 😉


      1. Speaking for myself— I for one do NOT hate America. It’s actually a vast admiration mixed with compassion and sorrow.

        But the beat goes on, the beat goes onnnnn … no?

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  2. I’m not surprised Trump won, since I predicted the last, sad gasp of racists in 2009, when the Old Bama took office. They’ll ride high for a time, shorter than the 12 years the Snotzis were in power in Germany. They’ll do damage, and then get stomped out like a fucking forest fire when it’s done.

    Here’s the secret they’re pushing against. In the U.S., it’s been predicted that 80% of the population growth between 2005 and 2050 will be due to immigration. They want to stem the tide, but it’s too late. The swamp has flooded, and now it’s a lake.

    In the U.S. in 2050, we’ll be 30% Hispanic (hablas Español, pendejo?), we’ll be 47% white, and 23% everything else. #TrueStory. So, Trumpelstiltskin and the Alt Right are trying to get people to hate immigrants in the hope that they don’t become a minority. Sorry, cabrones, but we like the browning of America, and it’s too late to go back.

    They won, because in the U.S. 26% of people voted for the Repugnantkins, 26% voted for the Dumbocrats, the rest, the silent 44% voted that all of these people can go fuck themselves. They didn’t vote for Bernie Sanders because (1) he’s not and never was a Dumbocrat, and (2) he’s a silly shit who knows nothing about the country. Plus, in truth, we’re all waiting for the first real Latino to run, take power, and take the country to it’s future.

    The interim will suck, but in 6 years, no one will remember this Hitler-like last gasp of the fuckwits. Let Trump build his bunker so we can eventually seal him and his racists in it. He can’t have the country back. It ain’t his, not anymore.


  3. As I said before: I never vote. (For obvious reasons, but those who do get the government they deserve.)

    And I repeat that I am not a racist, but pity those trapped by and in racism. Race is a convenient label, for me the issue is ever beliefs and motivations.

    I judge folks by what they do, not what by they claim; and as best I can I try to judge them as individuals. But yes — I am rabidly anti-Islam. (Sure, there may have been good Nazis too, and good Communists …)

    Skin colour = zilch; motivations – everything.

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