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Me at my desk May 2016_MPHIXAfter a very long hiatus in blogging, I’ve decided once again that I should begin channeling my energies thusward by way of keeping my hand in the creative writing pot. I get a little slack from time to time, despite the fact that I love to write. But as you know, everyday life finds ways to sidetrack my intentions so that by the time I get around to enacting an idea months, maybe even years have passed.

I shall be including the disclaimer below in all subsequent posts, because what I want more than anything else is to be able to air my thoughts in a highly creative way without rebuttal from well-intentioned, or overly sensitive others. Of course I shall exercise discretion within my own reasonable bounds, after all I don’t actually know who, if anyone, still reads this blog, but there is always the danger that my words may unduly hurt certain individuals who may indeed still be tuned in, with especial consideration to members of my immediate family.

In large part the effect that my words have had on certain individuals in the past is why I have stopped blogging almost altogether over the past three years. However, being restrained so as not to infringe on the emotional comfort threshold of others hasn’t worked out so well for me. In fact, it has made little to no difference at all to improving the quality of my own life, nor theirs. Not blogging, and therefore not connecting with others in a mutually intellectual fashion has been deeply detrimental to me, predominantly because I used to really enjoy it. So, love me or hate me, I’m going to write what I’m going to write with full cognisance of my actions, and with awareness that some of you may miss the point of my efforts entirely and take it way too personally.

Is that antagonistic? Maybe. I’m a woman after all, and women are always angry about something, right? I’m just exercising my god-given right.

Look, much of what I write is taken directly from my own experience, so in that sense it can be deemed as being of a personal nature. Be that as it may, it does not imply that I am searching for sympathy from others, nor am I deliberately poking at others, or necessarily airing my personal laundry in the belief that anyone cares or indeed can be trusted to uphold my integrity. That’s my job, and personal responsibility. It also does not mean that it is always verbatim, or without degrees of purely fictional embellishment.

This is my designated place to think freely through my words and images. Though as any creative writer knows, there is much poetic licence exercised in the production of such treatises, because what we produce as literary artists is first and foremost designed to entertain, as much as it might also be to inform and educate, and personally liberate, although I would consider the latter as occupying its correct place as secondary in terms of intention. The more emotionally engaging any piece of art can be, the more of an impact it will have on its audience, and as such, as a writer praise for my skill in being able to tell a good yarn will always go a long way to earning my most humble appreciation. Producing any form of art is entirely a cause and effect process.

Furthermore, my style of writing here is diaristic, even though what I believe to be normal everyday fare does not necessarily conform to what may be considered ‘normal’ for anybody else. However, because it is diaristic it will espouse a more personal flavour than perhaps other styles of creative writing, and will of course include less formal language and language usage, referring to accepted literary grammar specifically. So for you grammar nerds/editors out there eager to chomp at the bit, I too am a grammar nerd and an editor, and am fully aware of how I wish to use my language.

The art of writing is in how it entertains, and hopefully inspires those who read it. That’s my personal belief. The ‘how’ should not even enter your mind as a reader if I as the writer am worth my self-proclaimed salt. Typos will occur, no matter how thoroughly one edits a post. As all us writers know, we become a little word-blind several thousand words later, so things get missed. Prompts are always helpful, but don’t let that be your only reason to comment if you are taking the time to do so. Courtesy is always more welcome than critique alone.

Anyway, I’ll shut up now. Re-introduction accomplished. Expect a wealth of pithy posts forthwith!

Depending on what I feel like writing on any given day, some posts may be published on other more relevant blogs, in which case I shall re-blog here accordingly. Thanks for reading!

Enjoy your day and the rest of the weekend folks.



Author’s Note:

Everything I write on this blog is a work of fiction and published solely for the purposes of entertainment. Although it may be valid information and therefore of value to those for whom it resonates, any truth involved is both subjective on my part and subject to the opinions and beliefs of the reader, which may or may not be concurrent with my own. I refuse therefore, to be accountable for any negative opinions that my work here may unduly inspire in others. My intention will and has always been to encourage beneficial self-exploration through my written works and my actions, as well as to amuse and entertain. We are each personally responsible for our own actions, and equally accountable. Should you happen to disagree with that last statement, or have any personal grievances with the material here, then I urge you to simply find a better use of your time.

Thank you for your most valuable time.


N.B. All content including images are my own intellectual property, unless otherwise stated and duly accredited.

© 1978-2016 Maria Jones-Phillips/Bess X Jones/MPHIX

4 thoughts on “I’m back… again.

  1. Okay, welcome back and all that, but what are you really trying to say? Was that bit in the middle directed at me? And I think I should voice my opinion regarding your decision to use less than the Queen’s English …

    Okay, I’m done now. Good to see you’re back with a burst of energy and your usual high-quality fare. Loves.

    Liked by 1 person

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