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Yesterday was Green Card Day. That is to say that after a year and a half since I began the process of immigrating to the USA I received my official permit to reside here. It had been left on the doorstep in a red, white and blue Special Delivery envelope. The postal workers are always in a rush around here, irrespective it seems of the kind of mail they are delivering.

I suppose it’s a big deal getting my Green Card, but I’m suffering with Delayed Reaction Syndrome (my own term). It happens to me a lot. I think I’ve become so used to change and general upheaval in my life that it often takes me a while to react. I’ve become so adept at adjusting to new circumstances that I automatically suppress feelings of surprise or excitement, or indeed shock.
Saying that, getting my Visa approved last July, then actually leaving the UK was a huge deal for me because I had to say goodbye to my kids. It seemed very final at the time.

So many major things have happened to me in such a short time if I think about it, that in lots of ways this Green Card is representative of that. A mixed bag of towering highs, and the steepest lows that have charted my journey over the past couple of years, that I suppose it’s no real surprise I feel sort of inert about it. It means of course that now I can apply for the all important Social Security Number so that I can get a bank account, health insurance, a driver’s licence, although driving is not on my list of priorities at the moment, the drivers here in Maryland are certifiable lunatics! My husband is a good driver and happy to drive, and failing that, there are taxis, buses and trains, all with drivers far more experienced than I! Besides, I still haven’t wrapped my head around the direction of the traffic here yet, living in Germany years ago then the UK again kind of broke my sense of commuter-orientation. It hasn’t been right since.

Though I doubt I will ever apply for full citizenship, I am to all intents and purposes an American now. I won’t be able to vote, but I’m quite glad in some ways that I have been spared that cross!


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6 thoughts on “Green Card Day

        1. It really is. People don’t realise what an exact science it is. So many asked me how come Bill and I didn’t get married in the UK, then live in the US, but it just doesn’t work like that. I would have been entered into the Green Card Lottery and may never have got in. The waiting list is huge.

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          1. It was a Federal Policeman here who made the suggestion. I couldn’t renew my visa any more, so he said, “Get married, and try not to kill anyone before the paper work is finished.” Seriously, he said that.

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