Important stuff. Both videos are worth the watch. Shame the US doesn’t have a Monopolies Commission. They should.

Raw, Naked Art

My comment for the FCC’s Proceeding on Preserving and Promoting the Open Internet. You can add your voice HERE.

Net Neutrality goes beyond a cable company’s purported desire to allow “faster” access to those willing or able to pay more. In fact, it removes a device and incentive for internet providers to effectively blackmail providers into paying more for first-tier access in order to remain competitive. It shifts the balance of power from a distributed, worldwide content-based one, to an extraordinarily powerful oligopoly in an effectively unregulated telecommunications minefield. Moreover, it reverses all the gains the FCC and the Federal Government obtained when AT&T’s communications monopoly was disbanded. A large, and growing number of citizens now depend on the Internet as their primarily telecommunications vehicle. Through applications such as Apple’s FaceTime, Skype, or Facebook’s Messenger, U.S. citizens now make innumerable audio and video calls domestically and internationally. I…

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