I resign,

I’m going to walk away,

I’ve changed my mind.

You can kiss my ass,

And take your leave,

‘Cause what you ain’t giving me,

Is room to breathe.

Do you want me to spell out to you?

Do you want me to make an oath to you?

Like the oaths you broke,

And the dreams you choked.

You stifled my creation,

Now you’re asking for salvation?

You told me my life would start one day,

You never told me that day would never be this day.

What I didn’t know is you were full of shit,

‘Cause what you didn’t say was that this was it.

I’m not as nice as you think I am,

But what you don’t know is that’s not all I am.

It took me all my life to even understand,

That all you said to me was, “You are not a man”.

It had nothing to do with my equality.

It had fuck all to do with my ability,

It had even less to do with my mobility.

All that happened to the seed you planted,

Was that your wish for growth would not be granted,

‘Cause you pissed on it with your advantage,

Until I couldn’t take it any longer,

Until I had to fight the day to stay stronger.

So despite your attempts to try and help me,

To rise above the shit with which you left me,

I find myself in desolation,

Because you were just too weak to be my nation,

My station,

My home,

My highest aspiration.

You broke me into tiny little pieces.

You made me wear all your indigent creases,

Like the dress that never really fit me,

That made the bitch from hell wanna always hit me.

So to you all I have to say is this:

I owe you nothing,

Fuck you.

I give up.

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