Muffins and teaUnfortunately the first half of the muffin couldn’t make it to the photo shoot. It was otherwise indisposed and had to take a detour.

I decided to give my rambunctious neighbours the day off today and go out. I needed to run some errands, and as the sun was shining after yesterday’s deluge, I thought I might as well enjoy its warmth as the house is not so warm at the moment owing to a knackered boiler pump. I haven’t switched the boiler on at all since I moved in back in July, and according to the plumber, in a not so roundabout way, it’s my fault because the pump has been left idle for so long. I wasn’t especially impressed as you can imagine, as it’s not my place to ensure the maintenance of the boiler system here, I’m just a tenant. A tenant I might add who is paying through the bloody nose for this tiny doll’s house with no heating.

I’ve been oddly busy this morning. Since all three of my children are now in full-time school my previous daily busy-ness has subsided, also because I only see my  kids on alternate mornings, except for the weekends that they are with me. For the first time in many years, I have been able to enjoy a lie-in on my days off!

Wonders might never cease…


My head is thankfully a little less fuzzy than it was yesterday, but the primary cause of the fuzziness has been a very stiff, painful neck that I’ve had for too long now. Part of my outing this morning consisted of dropping into the surgery around the corner to perhaps be enlightened as to the cause. I was prescribed something for acid-reflux. No points for ingenuity there doc! A process of elimination she told me. My neck is killing me, and my throat has been consistently sore for months now, with no change in symptoms. But because the NHS don’t want to invest in what could potentially be unnecessary investigations, they make you wait and go through the rigours, often until you are too damn ill to make the point that you knew something just wasn’t right in the first place.

There is no-one that understands my state of health better than me. Ok, you might say it’s not their fault, and lots of man-hours and pounds are wasted on those who take advantage of the system, but owing to the fact that I already have an arms-length’s worth health issues, you’d think they might sit up and take notice, and not just pass me off as another hypochondriac. The last time I was ignored, I almost paid the ultimate price. It is a process I tire of, and honestly it doesn’t bolster my faith in this country’s ability to care for its citizens. Sorry, I’m being a bit idealistic again aren’t I? It’s a nasty habit that only ever gets me into arguments sadly. I’ll put my mediocre-hat back on, and shut the hell up. There!

The sun has been replaced with ashen, thunderous clouds, waging war against the its radiant presence. The gods are angry and grumbling away, except they must have got distracted as holes are beginning to appear in their blanket-strategy, with warm golden light pouring back into the cul-de-sac, and through my bedroom window once again. Rain glistens jewel-like as it catches the sun’s defiance. Somewhere there will be a pot of gold appearing for the next idiot who chooses to go a’wandering off cliff faces.

I suppose what struck me today as I decanted my latest pills into my flower-shaped pill-box with the days of the week emboldened in black atop the little lids, was that it was a sign of my ageing, the fact that I, like my grandfather before me have all these different coloured medical candies that I have to take on a daily basis in order to assume a healthy composure. It’s a little depressing really. Maybe I’ll open up a sweet shop, although I’m sure there are already a few of those around these parts. Pedlar of narcotics and other rustic kitchen delights!

“Come over to Maria’s for tea, muffins, and drugs!”

Ooh look, rainbow…!

The Seeker


4 thoughts on “Nuffin but Muffins

  1. I recurrent sore throat, in the absence of symptoms of a virus or bacteria, is often thought (hoped) to be acid reflux. If it’s just allergies, there’s not much the doctor will do. In truth, most here won’t touch throat illnesses, because they can’t see them. That’s why I just bypass. But you’re right–managed health care makes you jump through hoops. The alternative, unfortunately, is like mine, where you can go when/where to damned well please, but they make you pay the first thousand quid or so.

    As far as the stiff neck, I know a couple of folks who get that, but none found a good remedy. Eventually, I can offer you massages.


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