I’m sick and tired of pain,
Girl, the kind your smile would fade.
Then you saw me, fall down,
And I saw you, drown.

I never said you deserved me.
I never said you should have heard me.
And I tried.
You said it was forever,
But now we’re never together,
‘Cause you lied.

I watched you walk away,
Fade away,
And I died.
You tore my heart away,
And left me empty inside.

You know what you did,
But you can’t admit,
That you lied.
You saw me fall down,
Now I’m the one who’s drowned.

I’m sick and tired of pain;
I see you smile and fade,
‘Cause nothing ever changed.
But I am not to blame.

MPoWriMo Sticker

*I’m trying something different for my poetry slot, a song I composed and performed this morning. I felt like singing instead of writing straight poetry for a change.

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