It’s fine to pet the monkey,
If all the monkey wants
Is to be petted.
But without knowing what
The monkey really wants,
The monkey is just a dumb monkey.
Cute and sweet,
And sometimes funny,
But mostly misunderstood.

When the monkey is sad,
No one sees,
Because there are no words
Or changes of expression.
Calm, looks the same as sad.
Sad, looks the same as tired.
Tired looks the same as peaceful,
And peaceful looks the same as deep, in, thought.
Monkey speaks a different language,
A language no one gets.
Monkey knows how to laugh,
And to be afraid,
And it can scream and shout
All it wants, but it’s just
Monkey being monkey.
Sometimes monkey does that,
Though no one seems to know why.

No reason for monkey to be upset,
When monkey has it all:
A warm bed,
A roof,
And more treats than it can shake a stick at.
Monkey is well petted.
Why should monkey complain?
Monkey is ungrateful.
Poor, stupid, but sweet, dumb monkey.
Monkey cannot understand,
It speaks a different language,
That only other monkeys get.

Except monkey is not a pet,
And monkey isn’t dumb.
Monkey does not need words,
To make itself understood.
Monkey is not cute and sweet.
Monkey is not having fun.
Monkey is not, even, monkey,
It’s just a label it was given,
And a label it did not accept.

This being has its own agenda,
A purpose to its life.
This being has a brilliant mind,
That separates it from others.
This being is whole and vital,
And has as much right to stand tall,
As those who claim to pet it.
This being is not owned,
Or controlled beyond its choosing.
This being is not anything
That anyone could describe with words,
Speaks a different language,
A language no one gets.
This being does not need permission,
To earn its self-respect.


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