I do not like insincerity,
It irks me to the core,
Be my friend,
Or not,
For I will not give you more,
If you do not commit your heart,
Then leave it at the door.
As I will fully give of me,
I expect the very same of thee.
No half-measures,
No short-cuts,
No hidden pleasures,
No false starts.
Do not find me
With veiled promise,
For I will see you,
Clear and honest.
Intuition is my friend always,
Keeping true and close,
Those very friends who stay.

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7 thoughts on “Of Friends and Foes

  1. I try not to be ,
    Mister Insincerity.
    I could probably finds words that begin with V
    I can get things to rhyme from A to Zee,
    Like Brazilian Coffee
    Or Ceylon Tea,
    But tales in verse drive me up the tree,
    And make my ears buzz like a bumble bee
    So don’t think I’m rude because I dont parti
    cipate , but for the life of me,
    You have to see,
    I just don’t get poetry.



      1. Oh, I don’t like to tell,
        Nor even yell,
        Your photos are swell,
        But poetry … werrl …
        The Nac Mac Feegle use it as a weapon , and foes run pell-mell.
        So’s I best remember, ‘cos you never can tell?
        If you turn it on me there will be hell.

        I am exhausted! Enough!


  2. Some of my most “effective” poems are straight street poetry written in quatrains. The form doesn’t matter; it’s the content. What makes most rhyming verse maudlin is the fact that their authors can’t write for shit.

    If you can write, you’ll be able to make someone cry with a limerick.


    1. Very true. It’s a style I use infrequently, mainly because I’ve been used to writing free form poetry for 20 years. But if it suits the purpose then I will use this particular structure. That’s part of the art of writing poetry, letting it happen as it wants to.


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