“You have my full attention.
The river of knowledge runs
Wide and deep. Words mingle
In amongst the fishes; scaling
Depths that know no shiver
Of doubt or remorse. Winged
Syllables fill the air with resonant
Compulsion; to breathe forth
Lamenting changes in the blossoms
Of the trees. Cranes digest nouns,
And phrases are borne on the winds
Like star dust blown into the heavens,
To descend once more
Many centuries from now
Like a rain of thoughts
Caught in ageless time.
To you a lotus flower I shall give
To show that I am honourable;
With fingers to mouth, and hand
Outstretched, an offering of peace.
My future lays in the earth
As my sentences reach forth
Carrying the past wisdom into
Present, and the present into memory.
Know that you are the receiver
Of such wisdoms, falling from a
Heavenless sky, the receiver of gems
Formed by smiths of consciousness,
Adorning your shoulders
With responsibilities to speak
These truths.
Take this knowledge, forged
Deep within the fires of the earth,
Feel the power of keen spirit within
And, forge new wisdoms; testaments
To the strength of your will,
Measured now only by clarity.”


8 thoughts on “Yāska – Of Wise Men

      1. Hope all is well

        Well…how long have you got to listen to my woes?
        Sigh…yeah, pretty much, okay.
        Wake up every morning and when I realise I am not dead I force myself to get up.
        New book out soon. Soon I shall be a legend in my own lunchtime.
        I am looking to become world famous but this is likely only gong to happen posthumously.

        I have just been watching clips from Vicious ( my old guitar tutor said I should give it a squizz.)
        Brilliant. I am laughing myself stupid.
        What a great show. We have nothing like this out in the sticks of South Africa.


        1. Sounds like you’re having a great time! I’m pleased to hear about your new book. It’s been in the pipelines for a while now hasn’t it? I have been getting regular notifications of your various posts, so I have been lurking. However, as I have now made the leap and moved house, changed my life completely, I am currently without internet. Also I was off galavanting about for a while with Bill recently, so I’ve not been about these parts much. I hear it’s winter where you are? I have enjoyed the past few weeks of sun and blistering heat, particularly in Spain. Missing it already as we’ve had heavy rain the last couple of days. Mind you, I’ll be in the US again next week to go and spend some more time with my better half. It’s still hot over there. I won’t pack my shorts away yet.


          1. Yes, the book has been jammed tight in that bloody pipe…but now…seems we are about to be unblocking it!
            Yay..moi 🙂
            I am hoping the next one will be sorted out a lot quicker.

            Actually spring is amlost here down in SA.
            Our wild plum tree is in blossom as of yesterday so that means I must yell at the missus to get the lawnmower greased and oiled and the seeds planted 😉

            Say hi to Bill.


            1. I’ve had to give up my garden and orchard for a small scrap of lawn that needs mowing and, is currently nurturing a forest of young saplings spawned by next door’s tree/weed/thing. It can wait though. Other things to do.

              But indeed yay you! I’m looking forward to resuming book writing soon.

              I shall pass on your greetings to Bill, thank you 🙂


    1. I wrote this last May in response to your post about Yāska. I have an evening without the kids so I’d thought I’d sit and write, and came across this poem I wrote. I thought it would make for a good post.

      I have been moving house, and away on holiday. Currently without internet, except for my phone, so my presence on WP has been very light. I hope to be back in full swing soon. I miss writing and posting my photos.

      I’m glad you like this piece John. It’s great to hear from you friend. 🙂


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