I see you here and I’m counting the minutes, tick-tock, tick-tock. I know I’ve got you in the palm of my hand as always, but I never know which way you’re going to go.

I want to talk to you about stuff, but I never know how to approach you without making it sound like I’m chatting you up, or something.

I’m a bit sheepish and dog-eared like that.

I’m busy but I want to stop and chat, find out what you’ve been doing with your day. Married people do that, but we’re not married!

I don’t even really know what you look like. Sure I’ve seen your cropped photo, but that’s just an impression. Anyway, who’s to say that you actually look that way at all!

I mean, you could be a real ugly beast…you might not even be female!

There’s a thought…

You have an allure about you, an attraction that I find hard to place and hard to ignore. I know it’s you in the photo; if I know anything in the time that I’ve known you, it’s that you don’t mince words, and I’m guessing you don’t mince pictures either!

Do I continue with mind-numbing work, or do I try and talk to you?

I have this theory, that all women that seek the pleasure of a man seek only one thing, honesty. Pure unadulterated honesty.

But it wears me out, all these people wanting a piece of me, wanting me to do stuff  for them that I don’t really want to do.

Honesty is a hard thing to come by these days. When you’re up to your eyeballs in paperwork, even if it’s of the virtual kind, there’s no respite from the grab of those greedy little mitts wanting a piece of my arse!

She’s probably gone now, missed my moment.

I feel like I owe her something. I don’t want to say we ‘share a connection’, it just sounds too trite. I look forward to ‘seeing’ her though; she makes me sit up a little straighter in my chair, and lean into the screen like she’s sitting in front of me over a coffee. I know she likes coffee. A special blend… I can’t remember the name of it now.

I wonder if she’d want to have a coffee with me…?

Nope! Keep my mind on the job. Stuff to do… I could just send her an e-mail… nah too personal. Would she mind?

An honest cup of coffee…

Maybe she’d like a Hob-Knob too… to go with her coffee I mean!


Do we see eye to eye?

Yeah… I think we do… most of the time… sometimes. But she’s so damned smart!

I mean there’s no getting anything past her. It’s like a game to her; like a cat with a mouse; batting words around like they were insects. She can tie you in knots if you’re not watching your step; like someone tying your shoe laces together when you’re not looking. Good thing I don’t have shoe-laces, or else she’d probably garotte me with them too!

Nah… she’s too nice…

I feel bad now… I should’ve just talked to her. What an idiot!


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