Potomac Falls, Maryland


I pray for miracles today,

As tiredness grips my eyes.

Leaning ever closer to change,

In a way that I have not known before.

This love I feel, tempestuous, raw;

The most sublime, and sweetest taste,

Pulling from inside of me,

Filling every part of me.

Adrenaline rush; mechanised fear,

Excitement at the wheel,

Driving hard desire’s force,

Bending the steel of life’s structure,

Until both are as one; until we have won

The prize of love, shimmering like rubies,

As the light of new day lifts the ancient dark

That nurtured our arrival.

The magic of a child’s “I love you”

Thrown upon the wind,

To be caught by the willing heart

Of a lion standing proud and strong.

Let the universe provide our carriage;

Let the whispers become patterns,

Signatures of our requests.

Let the sun shine for us;

Let the stars map our way,

Upon the flesh that draws us close,

With intimate and cherished hope,

Of an eternal moment woven from

The threads of choice, of voice

Resounding from the mountains deep,

And from the seas that fill our wounds.

Healing salt to mend the tears that have

Severed our two lands, over which

The metal dragons fly, across the diamond skies.

I pray for miracles today,

And tomorrow, the day after,

And after that, until I am with you.

Until, you are with me.

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