As the title suggests I have decided to re-jig the whole NaPoWriMo thing to be more accommodating to my own demands and desires, so sue me, but this is a personal blog after all. I’m just exercising my artistic rights 😛

I started the month in earnest with the poetry, intending to see each day through with a new lyrical creation, and I thought I was doing pretty well actually. What I hadn’t factored in was my trip to the US this past week, so I only reached day 11. Oh well. Anyway, as I have nothing in particular to prove in terms of writing poetry off-the-cuff, it’s kind of how I write all my poetry incidentally, in fact much the way I have written it since I was about 21, I am going to continue posting pieces as they occur to me (no change there really), without necessarily participating in any ‘exclusive’ contests. The challenge of MPoWriMo or, M’s Poetry Writing Moments as I have now renamed this endeavour shall remain my own, and quite salient, and no less active or current. Besides I like the sticker I made up.


MPoWriMo Badge

Good isn’t it?

Well I think so. Although of course I shall need to update it now…

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