Alhambra Palace Portico, Granada, Spain


Do not knock upon my door!

Do not call me by my name!

Do you not understand,

That I will not leave?

This is my home,

My soul and all that I am.

Go and find your own,

For it is you that do not belong.

I am Granada;

The grain of blood

That sows its honour,

Along the streets,

And within the courtyards,

Perfumed with blossom of orange;

With their red clay tiles,

Hard and impenetrable,

Like their people,

With skin of jet.


I am the swollen fruit,

As sweet as the sacred waters

That flow through my veins,

And give life to my bones,

And rhythm to my heart.


I am La Duénda,

The Sage,

The strange one with whom no-one speaks,

But whom everyone fears.

And I will tell you

One last time:

Away spectre!

Be gone from here!





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