Lamp, Peggy Gughenheim Museum, Venice



I’m tired and incandescent,

Only half here, barely present.

I savour the taste of chocolate on my tongue,

Trying to speed those connections

With the rush of sugar that cracks open

My heavy awareness. Consciousness

Thick with last night’s travels,

Misdeeds, and losses. Memories

Relived, and desired to be forgotten.

But their taste lingers, overpowering

Any efforts to erase. To phase out with

Candied and candid replacements,

The excuses that rise to the surface,

Whose buoyancy I hope will afford

Some lightness, and release me from

The shackles of too much sleep;

Or not enough. I can no longer tell which.

It doesn’t matter.

It’ll pass.

Though I know I will have to return,

To recover what’s lost, broken, shaken,

And mistaken for something

Current and valuable to me.

Mistaken for something real and unhealed.

I savour the sweetness now warming

My thoughts, my internal talk now mellowing

With the flow of the music in my head.

Away from my bed;

Awakening, becoming whole.








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