Praza Obradoiro, Santiago de Compostela

It’s a long way to walk to reach the edge of the world,

It might take a while to get there,

But with good cheer and lots of beer,

The movement of legs becomes smoother.

One foot here, another foot there,

Marching along with strident humour.

A song here, a story there,

A tale unfolds to quash all rumour.

This journey, this pilgrimage,

This magnificent quest,

A feat to change the lives of all.

All that is who strive to reach;

To teach the rest how not to preach

About time wasted,

Desires not sated,

And to dreamers who dare only dream,

And to stalwarts who dare only steam.

The edge of the world, so far away

Will only come closer for those who stray,

Who follow their hearts and blistered feet.

Who traverse mountains as old as time,

And who understand distance in ways sublime.


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2 thoughts on “Distance – MPoWriMo

    1. Thank you mi amor. You are very sweet, and you always know how to touch my heart with your comments. Coming from a writer as talented as you I am always humbled. I love you.


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