6 thoughts on “Metashizics

  1. I tried to catch my tail once.
    I couldn’t, until with the vast intellect unique to us bull terriers I figured that if I tightened the circle I’d go faster. So I did, and did, and when I finally caught that tail I was so furious at the vsst cost in napping time that I bit the bugger. Hard. And again.
    The sudden pain made me angry, and then mad, and I bit even harder to punish it … in the end when it kept hurting me I lost it completely and bit (chewed~!) that sucker all the way through to the other end, which is why I no lon


    1. That was a tale in itself my lovely Argie… no sense chasing your own… oh never mind, bananas, tails, whatever. No point stressing about what the universe might bring, unless you like to stress, (which I do from time to time, goes with the vast intelligence I suppose).



      1. For some reason I’m reminded of the wee bird my Dad told me about that kept flying around in ever decreasing circles until eventually he flew … oh my goodness, is that the time already? Good night~!


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