This is a wonderful post by my love Bill, beautiful song too.

Raw, Naked Art

It’s odd how a song can trigger a memory. They sweep in, unannounced, like that loud aunt who never gets invited but shows up anyway, bringing with her all of the energy in the room.

This particular aunt brought with it the memory of my grandma’s funeral. To my surprise, I began to cry, even though I never did the day they buried her. See, I didn’t get to stay for the actual funeral. Grandma lived a long, peaceful 95 years. Well, peaceful isn’t exactly the right word for her life. It’s more that she managed to pull peace for herself from the chaos of my dysfunctional family. I’m not trying to paint her as a saint; she would have scoffed at the idea, and she was as much to blame for the chaos as anyone.

When she died, her entire family had gathered around her hospital bed. I was…

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