Tile detail, Alhambra Palace

Bigots for breakfast

Spread thinly on toast,

Washed down with a

Strong cup of Joe.

Dictator soup for lunch

With a side of Caesar salad,

Followed by a communist regime

Of potato and cabbage.

Coque au v[a]n for dinner

Enjoyed with an over-opinionated

But full-bodied Chianti.

Finished with a prejudiced

Helping of just-deserts,

And a wafer thin gender-bending mint.

6 thoughts on “Today’s Menu – If you can’t beat it eat it!

    1. Believe it or not this was inspired by a post Argus wrote about a year ago before we became the best of friends. I just thought I’d re-post it because it makes me laugh 🙂
      How are you my friend?


        1. I’m glad to hear it.
          My life has been shifting in the last few months, so I haven’t had much time to keep up with WP life. There are many friends I have been meaning to catch up with including you, and I’m hoping that I can do that over the next few weeks.
          I’m also writing a book exploring beliefs, so that is taking up much my writing time at the moment. Life is very busy.


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