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You know, of late I am really fed up with talking to morons. People who refuse to see the wood for the trees, to accept a little responsibility for their ineptitude. This constant need some people seem to have to require evidence before they can allow themselves to engage fully with other people and life. It’s disheartening and equally disquieting to see how entrenched in the illusion of society that some people become. This world where scientific theory, and rational thought takes on supernatural legendary status, to be called upon like canonical law at moments of uncertainty, the re-affirmation of faith to an empirical system that is built upon the power of the authoritative word, which seems to propound a ‘truth’ that is as imaginary as the tooth fairy. How is this not a religion? How does this not require faith to keep true to such a system of assumptions that most have little first-hand experience and thus evidence of, and what’s more that many of us misinterpret as some form of factual truth, when in fact scientific theory claims nothing of the sort?

The clue is in the word ‘theory’ of course. What this says is that it is not the method that is at fault, but that the fault lies with the individual who chooses to omit certain factors to suit their own purposes, and so as not to look inadequate in the eyes of their peers. But then our societies are built on self-serving rules, that usually only serve the people that create them.

So I ask, where is your evidence that what you believe is any more valid than what I believe? Even if you were to provide that evidence, why should I believe it over my own years of knowledge and expertise in being an active member of society, and a fully functioning and cognisant human being? Why would I place my trust in someone or something that I felt I did not benefit from?

Of course this works in both directions, and rightly so. Equally why should you believe anything I say? You shouldn’t, take everything with a pinch of salt and have a good think before you make any decisions. My wish is that people understand what they believe and why it is they believe it, because if there is any doubt, then that comes across in their communication, and all it does is cause confusion. It creates unnecessary arguments that become a wrestling match involving the tussle of semantics. As far as I’m concerned, and I could be mistaken, but if you must argue the toss about semantics then I would hasten a guess that you are being a hypocrite somewhere along the line, and that some part of your resounding logic is flawed and merits re-evaluation.

I would imagine that this little tirade of mine might just put the wind up some people, as we say in these parts. Well I’m glad it does, because if you are not willing to have your beliefs challenged, then you cannot hope to learn anything new and grow into a slightly less argumentative and self-righteous human being with a useful, more compassionate view point to contribute. One that might actually help you get along better with others, and lead to a more positive and productive outlook for everyone in general.

24 thoughts on “Sandpit Politics

      1. It’s the truth! He talks to me religiously
        He even tells me he has scientific proof that He himself is not all religious. Thank god/s for that, right?

        Yes, my mother says “Put the wind up you”
        Some say “Put the willies up you” but I guess this is no longer PC?

        You feeling better now you go that off your chest? 😉


        1. Actually I penned this the other day, but it was worth posting just for posterity. I’ve written a much lengthier, less anarchic piece about the illusion of faith and religion for my book. I may just post that when I’m done editing it.


            1. She knows what I believe and she asked me for my opinion, so it was thus.

              No I’m intending on taking Zande’s advice and approaching a publisher who specialises in alternative theories and metaphysics, although I don’t think it’s an accurate or adequate term anymore, but I digress. It’s a concept I came up with some years ago, and it’s an exploration of beliefs. I’m presenting an alternative view of reality, and it is meant to encourage people to examine their own beliefs, which is never a bad thing. Whether people take any of it on board or not is beside the point. Controversial topics have a habit of staying with you, and you can’t help but think about them, and that is precisely the point of this exercise. A bit like God’s Debris.


              1. Well, I wish you the very,very best. Truly. It is never easy finding a home for a writer’s work but when someone says ”yes, please”…ooh..what a nice feeling.

                Should I say a prayer for you? 😉


  1. I’ve been saying something similar to this for years, and arguing with believers and non-believers. I once had a (one-way) heated debate with an atheist who was offended that I referred to his doctrine as a “non-theist religion.” He was certain it was NOT (in all caps) a religion. Similarly, I argued with a Catholic who was convinced that her God could not be the same God who Hindus worship. I asked her, if there is but One God, how could anyone who worships God be worshiping someone else? I’m still waiting for her answer.

    The dictionary defines religion simply:

    “1. a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.
    2. a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects.”

    “Especially when” does not mean “only when.” The simple truth is that the defining word is “belief.” Scientific theories are beliefs. Religious doctrines are beliefs. People who are certain they are right, and absolutely right, are assuredly wrong.

    The simple truth is while there may be cognisant beings in the universe who understand the nature of the universe and multiverses, none of the fuckers lives on earth. We’re all just groping in the dark for a torch. It’s refreshing talking to people who understand that.


    1. I like the etymological reference to the word ‘religion’ which essentially translates to a consideration of textual concepts, in the original Latin, or a reinforcement of the written word, i.e. rules. The Romans were good at making rules, much like we are today. People are people, and we all behave in much the same fundamental ways, particularly if we have been brought up in a particular society that tells us that personal opinion is not important above the word of the law or god. We forget that we are more than capable of thinking for ourselves and making our own educated decisions, based on our very in-depth first-hand experience of life.


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