Countless shadows pass before me

and I am stark naked in front of bright fire,


entrenched in the moment as a seed in the earth

waiting to spring forth,

to break with conditioning and lamentable action.

To cast aside the tides of chains that have tethered me

and my kin to the soil that we stand upon.

A step forward, closer; no steps to return along.

Safe in the moment and the heat that calms my disposition,

my compassion and my thirst.

Three whole nights I sit here,

unacquainted with passing time,

or tones of light as they diminish

and return with the fullness of sun drenched vigour.

Deep within I am still,

quieted by the stirrings of imminent change.

Like the bare element of an unfinished symphony.

12 thoughts on “Transformation

    1. It’s a piece that took me about 5 mins to write, and let’s say I channelled it from my subconscious. But the general gist is that said person in the nod was a slave, but is a slave no more and is about to venture out by himself as a free man. That’s at least what I was visualising when I was penning it. I guess it captures that sense of relief, of not caring wether it’s day or night anymore because the power of that moment, in being free for the first time is sublime.


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