There is a lot to be said for allowing yourself the freedom to  explore the valleys of your own thoughts, and to prance naked in amongst the heathers of your dreams. You are who you think you are, no matter who you think you are. And because you hold the key to the hub of your own existence, your mind and your ability to perceive, then you are as free as you will allow yourself to be. No one dictates the workings of your mind, so therefore no one can dictate how you choose to create your life.

My words may fall on deaf ears, but honestly you really don’t need ears, or eyes or the sense of touch in order to understand the intent and the sentiment behind the words you find here. They permeate throughout existence like a double-helix in a strand of DNA, as they do mine. And like a homing beacon you are somehow drawn in this ‘direction’, because somewhere deep, actually not so deep within you, rings a bell of familiarity with the words that you read on my blogs, particularly the ones regarding belief, and the exploration of consciousness.

Otherwise I’m sure that you would not keep coming back, in fact you probably wouldn’t even pass by. But that is beside the point. You have no need to read these words in order to comprehend what it is you already know. I am merely just a nudge in a certain direction, a reminder sent to you by your subconscious to acknowledge yourselves and your innate wisdom, and to acknowledge your important part in the world around you, the one you so secretly create. Though it’s not really a secret you just don’t notice you’re doing it half the time because you are so used to seeing what you see without any seams or joins!

So as the confident, perhaps sometimes cocky voice of your subconscious minds I tell you that you need not look any further than yourselves for the answers that you seek, even though you sometimes doubt your own reasoning. There are always personal questions that require answers, answers that if known would improve the quality of your lives. The most pertinent question you could possibly ask yourself then, is: “How do I experience and maintain quality of life?”, the answer is: “You accept that your beliefs are your own, and that if you don’t like them, change them. No-one will notice. Why? Because their realities will have changed to suit your own… as you create your own reality”

Not one of you is at the mercy of your realities, of your lives. You can change the fundaments of your beliefs by deciding to do so. No preamble or drumroll necessary, in fact no real need to be that consciously aware of it. Dare to ask the question and imagine the desirable outcome as fully as you can, then let you own universe do the rest. Let it go and get on with your lives. Nothing more than that.  Too simple? Then don’t be so complicated!

Your mind, your rules, your choice.

Also give yourselves a big hug and a kiss, not literally, or maybe literally! If I were you, I know I would 😉

Night All!


7 thoughts on “Final Thoughts for the Day – Your Mind, Your Rules, Your Choice

            1. I’m not such a big fan of the cold. Thankfully, the weather has been very summery here, and enjoying the warmth for as long as it may last. Probably not much longer!


              1. Same here, I don’t like cold weather, you can only wear enough clothes :-P.
                August which traditionally is quite warm has been cold, I don’t know what Sept has in store for us.


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