It has occurred to me today that the summer storm rumbling in the midnight sky above me is almost in answer to the charged atmosphere that has been building over the past couple of weeks. The tension and worry of dealing with an ill family, and my own poor health of late. The fact that I am officially a year older, not that my age ever really bothered me before. Also the tension of heated discussions between friends and strangers. Indeed the storm is like a much needed release, and a chance to press the reset button. As the storm draws closer, I feel its charge in the pit of my stomach and I feel exhilarated. Today I feel as though something has changed within me, shifted to a clearer perspective. The changes have been subtle, but profound in their impact. Things people have said in passing, kind thoughts shared, comments that have made me smile from ear to ear and go slightly pink in the cheeks. I know that I have overcome what once used to be a huge hurdle. The sense of deep inner peace that I have always felt is rising to the surface, and a new selfhood and a renewed level of awareness emerging. It feels good.

Night all!

Ishaiya x

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