I found myself having a rather interesting conversation with someone yesterday whom I shall call ‘R’. The conversation did not deliberately begin with this man, but was in response to another blogger’s post about how ‘partial’ God would seem to be in the scriptures.

Let me just clarify here that although I do not believe in a god/s, never have, never will, I do however respect that others may not share my view. And that’s just fine, I understand that the diversity of life is part and parcel of my experiences here in this strand of my existence. I am completely accepting of the fact that any judgement I pass is essentially a reflection of me at some level.

Anyway, the conversation began with my response that in summary what I thought the author of the post was saying in not too many words, was that his understanding of his god was that he was in short, selfish, discriminate, exclusive, dogmatic, and that somehow that was ok. It was ok, to ostracise those who did not fit into his gods’ neat little plan for world domination. I merely made a very succinct observation of his post.

Of course as usual, the author whom we shall call ‘R Junior’ didn’t respond (has not yet responded). However, within moments I received a response from this other man whom we have established as ‘R’, who proceeded to give me a long diatribe about my definition of selfishness not being quite the same as his, or in fact that of the author’s, which had me rolling my eyes and tutting loudly as usual, and which I thought was a little presumptuous. But I digress here a little.

Again I responded in brief, suggesting that my definition was in fact quite succinct, whereupon once again, another diatribe that I skimmed through as I was certain it was all very unnecessary given that anyone else would have come to much the same conclusion on reading the article – providing of course they spoke the same kind of English as me, i.e. the discourse of the non-religious lay-person that is. The nuances are apparently remarkably slight, and easily overlooked.

So, being little old mischievous me, with a wont for playing El Diablo Abogado, I decided that I would up the ante and reveal myself to ‘R’ as God.

John the Baptist, Santiago Cathedral, SpainMy ensuing response went something along these lines…

“Well I am God, and I say you are all silly people barking up the wrong tree. As you can neither disprove or disqualify my claim, then you will just have to assume that I am stark raving bonkers, but also accept that none of you is self-aware enough to understand the magnitude of what it is Iโ€™m saying to you. You do not speak for me, you speak only for yourselves, and in that you will only see yourselves.”

Too much?

Nyeh… from my perspective I think not. If you are going to make such topics open to broad discussion then you have to expect the odd interjection now and again. Debate is healthy right? And as clearly stated within the article itself, based on the opinions of the author, that I obviously did not fall under the auspices of his God, so therefore I was beyond his God’s reach, and thus it was a case of my saying whatever happened to come to mind, because his God really wasn’t going to give a damn.

Suffice to say that, along with ‘R Junior’, ‘R’ has not responded. Which is a shame, because I was ready to point out that any or, in this case, zero objection to my claim just illustrated quite clearly how quickly he was willing to disbelieve in any power outside of himself. I know from previous encounters that ‘R’ believes quite indiscriminately that God is a power that is beyond his own reach per se. And apparently the Christian God is supposed to work in mysterious ways is he not?

So I had to ask myself the question: How would ‘R’ or any other ‘R’ of a similar disposition know their God, and at the very least a sign from their particular brand of God if they were not willing to accept the source of the message no matter where it came from, without first passing judgement, and/or discriminating?

I mean come on, religion does not operate along the same reasoning, or dare I say skepticism, as scientific validation, there isn’t any doubt involved when it comes to validating God’s existence. God is not theoretical, [well it/he/she is in a sense because of the etymological reference of the word ‘theory’, or ‘of god’ in greek, if you go back far enough, with the stem ‘theo’ meaning god. But again digressing, and the subject of another post].

I can only assume, you see, that the lack of response was because ‘R’ had decided to go for option ‘A’ and plumb for my being ‘completely bonkers’. Of course I like to think that maybe ‘R’ had been waiting for a sign from his God and that I had fulfilled that little wish for him (probably not what he had hoped to hear, but there you are, beggars can’t be choosers!).

Except what I am left believing is that doubt in their belief systems is very much on the consciences of both ‘R’ [who wasย mighty quick to respond when he thought he had a leg to stand on] and ‘R Junior’ who incidentally I think believes he is above me, again judging my previous encounters with him. At least this is in keeping with the general beliefs expressed in the post in question, that because God is selfish, then God’s devotees are allowed to be selfish too. Thus my original observation was indeed quite accurate.

What’s my point you might ask? Why have I decided to take the time and effort to write about this at all?

Well, because I think that it’s a real shame to proclaim acts of selflessness and goodness under the flag of a cause that discriminates as to who receives that blessing. Not a view I share I might add. Does it make me the better person? Is this what this is really about?


Why should anyone get deferential treatment when it comes to matters of well-being and leading a happy fulfilling life? Why should anyone feel that they must miss out or lose because they do not fit in to the social mould that they happen to find themselves participating in? Why is it so important for so many to divert focus from the validity of subjective experience?

You tell me. I can tell you what I think, but that might take a book to explain.

Yours truly


25 thoughts on “I Am God…

  1. So god…eh Maria, can I have pizza today ๐Ÿ˜›
    On other news, I would like to know when people talk of being selfless what do they have in mind.
    And all gods have been partial, each man making his god in his image! How would such gods be not partial when we are all the time partial?


      1. Yes a goodie bag of really nice things to eat! ๐Ÿ™‚
        I haven’t been frequenting WP very much, lately. It’s been a very busy and very difficult time in many ways. I’ve had official things to deal with that have caused me much brain-ache, so I’ve not really been able to engage too well with all my WP friends.
        But officialdom now dealt with, birthday over, school for my kids days away from being over for the summer, I shall now be able to return in full force. ๐Ÿ™‚
        I hope you are keeping well my friend.


    1. All gods are partial because all people are partial. I have never seen god, I have only ever seen people. Even the most devout have real issues with genuinely believing in anything outside of their own experience when pushed. But it’s convenient isn’t it for so many to divert focus and responsibility. Culpability is too heavy a word for some to bear.

      As God however, I say eat what you wish. If you desire pizza, think it and it shall appear! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. I’ve always wondered why believers have to look down on others like us who do not share the same beliefs Ish. I have no belief but I don’t judge them for their beliefs, so who give them the right to judge us for not having their beliefs? Not fair at all!

    PS: God, please let me win the a few million on the lotto. Hope you’re listening. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. Religion is an exclusive boys club. I know for certain that being female and having a very different opinion, that I am treated like the proverbial Yeshabel, whenever I have been involved in any such discussion with a religious ‘man’ (and they usually are men). The reason Christianity never appealed to me was because the level of delusion that such people seemed to entertain was to me truly frightening. From a very young age I could see that it was all based on lies that no-one really believed.

      PS: I’m always listening. If winning the lottery is the most beneficial thing that can happen to you, then you will create that reality for yourself. You are God too. By the way… if you do happen to win, could you throw a few shekels my way so I can buy myself a new coffee mug? [I got my last mug personalised with my name, but when I received it in the post I realised that they had misspelt my name and had printed ‘Dog’ instead. At the least the dog has his own mug now…]


      1. Strange that some men always think that there beliefs are so “exclusive” and that women doesn’t know anything Ish. That really peeves me off totally! A pity they believe those lies and act on them too. So stupid!

        I am very glad to hear that and that is indeed the most beneficial thing that can happen and I will create that reality for sure. I will buy you one for sure when I do and delivier it personally as well and I will also make sure they don’t misspell your name again. Lucky dog for sure. ๐Ÿ˜€ *big hugs*


  3. I don’t know if God exists and whether it’s really any of my business anyway. If God is male then why would He put testicles on the outside and make them so vulnerable to women with evil intent? But then again if God is female She would have put testicles on the inside so men would have nothing to scratch while watching television.
    I think religion, for many, is a comforter. It is a buffer against the scary world outside. For far too many it is an excuse to act like a complete prat, or so they can think themselves superior to others. It’s really quite sad.
    As for your claiming to be God? Hmm, if there is such a place as hell – and trust me, I’ve been to Small Heath in Birmingham – then m’lady you will find yourself getting quite warm when you leave this mortal coil.


    1. I enjoy warmer climes, although Birmingham isn’t exactly what springs immediately to mind! Hell is for the idiots who believe in God. Sorry, but that’s how I feel. We all create our own reality as far as I’m concerned so there is no excuse in my mind not to take full responsibility for the decisions and actions you make and take, and also for all the repercussions of such. To be responsible for so much is a big ask for many I think, so yes, as you say for some it is easier to excuse themselves by putting the onus on someone or something else. It is truly sad, but we’re all guilty of it to one degree or another. It’s called being human I suppose.


  4. โ€œYes, i do have proof your god does not exist. It is perfect and irrefutable. Iโ€™m not going to show it to you however. You cannot detect it in any way. You cannot deduct it from the laws of logic. Either. You might claim that I do in fact have no such proof, but you have no proof that I donโ€™t. Sound familiar?โ€ (Rune Friberg)


    1. You can guess on whose blog I was having this bizarre conversation? Also who ‘R’ might be, he is a frequent visitor to your blog.
      The BS is like a piece of toast that has been buttered on both sides, tit-for-tat stupidity that is offensive for one and highly entertaining for the other. I know which camp I’m in.


                  1. Prayson is confused. He had to re-convert back to Christianity so as to marry his wife and get out of Tanzania. I think he now overcompensates or it… desperate to try and justify jettisoning logic.


                    1. I see, so he is an angry Christian, because that’s what I get from him. It’s what makes him such a pain in the butt, as you say, confused.


                    2. Well, i’m just connecting the dots. I know in Tanzania he was an agnostic-atheist-skeptic. The woman he met, a dutch girl (if i remember correctly) was a hardcore Christian. If i read between the lines it appears he bent to her beliefs. Of course, i could be completely wrong, but that’s the picture as it seems to my eyes.


                    3. What some people will do for women hey? lol
                      He has a young child too, which always puts a spanner in the works. There is something about him that seems very sound, until he starts quoting stats and citing references. All I got from his latest post was how much he thinks being a Christian is hypocritical, but as you say desperately trying to rationalise it and find some value in it. Good luck to him, but the only people he’s fooling are his fundie lap-dogs.


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