I’ve just had a thought, maybe I’ll start a video diary. You lot can see what I look and sound like, and probably die laughing, or die of shock!


I’m sure I’ll talk myself out of it… but it’s a thought. Maybe you’ll prefer your mental image of me 😉

[laughing a fair bit]

I live with a giant finger, comes in handy....
I live with a giant finger, comes in handy….

It’s funny the kind of mental images you have of people in Blogland, particularly when there isn’t a true-to-life photograph available to look at a la gravatar. I find I generally have very strong impressions of people, at least emotional and energetic ones anyway [those that frequent my other blog will know what I’m talking about here]. But that doesn’t mean that I necessarily pick up on what they look like, and sometimes it’s a little shocking, particularly when it differs so much from the initial impression. I find it fascinating though, getting to know people bit by bit. Like peeling an onion it can make you cry, or taste great if cooked with the right ingredients!

I also really enjoy reading other people’s stories, maybe it’s an age thing, you become more interested in the world about you and the people in it. There is a lot to be said for entertaining others, and listening or reading to and about them. It works as an aid-memoire to perhaps reflect about yourself and your own life in a positive way. Perhaps I’m an odd bird in that regard, in that I just find other people fascinating, understanding why they do what they do. It’s my thing, my speciality if you like. And not a lot gets past me when it comes to nuances of behaviour, which for me translates equally well through the written word as it does face to face. Even though this may make some of you slightly wary of any contact with me from this point on, worry not, my point of interest is just that. I enjoy interacting with others immensely, especially those that I have a strong connection with [quick run for the hills!]. I love to chat, which is too bad for you people who can’t be bothered to expend the energy, you don’t know what you’re missing ;D… or maybe you do….


13 thoughts on “BIG FINGER….

            1. Ok, just wondering. Just at times when you’ve popped into my head randomly I have felt a lot taller. Which I guess really isn’t difficult as I’m not very tall myself!
              I rarely get impressions like that.


    1. Well exactly. And that’s always been my argument, how is it possible to get to a stage where you have nothing to say to one another when no matter how much time you spend with people, you will never truly see or understand all of them?
      People change all the time, ever showing us new sides of themselves.


  1. Video… Interestingly enough I’m anxious. Lol maybe it is the preconceived notion of what you sound like… for some reason I imagined very high pitched.


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