Did I dream this day would ever come?

The synchronicity of life in all it’s splendour.

Like a great pinball machine one ping after another

Of relevant, tangible occurrences that drive me to wakefulness

And a feeling of pure joy and excited charge,

Within my very core; an indelible smile across my face.

Is my consciousness finally catching up with

An age-old dance that I participate in from moment to moment?

Usually on automatic. Not usually aware of so much,

And overwhelming it is that I do not know whether to

Rejoice or grieve with the intensity of it all.

Full circle I have come, and not too soon;

With every breath a huge leap forward back onto familiar ground,

Long forgotten, but burgeoning wakeful; all my hard work made manifest.


6 thoughts on “Synchronicity

    1. Hey to you too my wonderful friend!
      I have been well and very busy. It is fast approaching the end of the academic year for my partner and children so as usual at this time of year it is non-stop action.

      Epiphany is the correct term, it would seem that my awareness has shifted somewhat. The last time that I experienced this level of synchronicity, where almost everything that I experienced around me from things people said in conversation, to things in the media, people I met, occurrences around me, was when I walked across Spain. I have been aware of it again in the past week, but last night was amazing as if in summary of the past week and of a lifetime really, I saw how it all connected in one beautiful succinct and overwhelming picture. I was amazed at how everything that was going on around me was referring to another, seemingly abstract coincidental connection. It is difficult to put into words. I shall have to post about it.


        1. lol I am amounting a long list of posts that I have now promised to write! Two more weeks, and life should be a little calmer…. maybe…:)
          Enjoy your week too my friend, and soon I will return to normality for a while.


            1. I stopped reading a while back now, just don’t have the time to dedicate to such things. That’s why I like blogging, it tends to be short and sweet. The lengthier posts take a lot more thought, I love to write them, but it requires a relatively clear head.
              You have a good evening too Noel 🙂


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