I don’t trust people in suits. Especially when they approach me or come to my door uninvited. As far as I’m concerned they either want to marry me, bury me, or con me.

You see the way I look at it, if someone wants to impress me with their appearance by dressing smartly, then they are clearly doing the work of the government, the devil (otherwise known as sales-types), god or just want to make my life difficult in some way.

More often than not it is juvenile offenders doing community work, or JWs doing the rounds. Although I have noticed that in several towns now that I’ve lived in over the last 10 years or so, that their visits appear to dwindle after a short time. I’m not sure why this is really, I answer the door and I’m polite. I stop to have a good long chat, sometimes even invite them in for coffee, or tea depending on their predilection, and we seem to get on just great. In fact at times we have shared a number of views, in a manner of speaking, taking turns to tell our version of things and compare notes. And I sit and watch as their eyes widen, obviously surprised that I know so much about their faith and the bible, even though I’m not at all religious, then I see how their expressions change to one of confusion oddly enough when I explain my philosophy that everyone has choice and is responsible for their actions. Always takes some explaining. So I continue, as we’re getting all the cards out on the table, and I explain my beliefs that we create our own realities and that thought creates life, and that actually [in a hushed voice like it’s a bit of a secret] “we are our own personal Gods”.

Often they will then make their excuses, thank me for the interesting conversation, at this point usually looking a bit peaky, and leave. Always it leaves me grinning ear to ear, such a pleasant experience. And I wait for them to return as they always promise, but they never return.

Was it something I said? JWs I miss you…. come back… you never know if you stay long enough you might start to see things my way… we could have a beautiful relationship!

13 thoughts on “Maz’s Truismsms

  1. Should I happen to be in the city where you reside and happen to know your address, I will come as a JW, and I hope it will be a fun moment.
    I don’t like suits


  2. And here i come across another gem of a line and thought from you….

    ” “we are our own personal Gods” “….

    Oh you are an amazing person Ishaiya….

    Be yourself always and aah smile that exact smile a lot more 🙂


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