Comfort is long gone,

Only seeds of possibility

Now remain.

But not all seeds

Find their destiny in growth

Some serve as food

For greedier mouths.


12 thoughts on “Seeds

        1. I realise that ‘I’ need to sing. I went to see my daughter perform in a concert last night, and I was reminded of how much I miss singing myself. Time to give the piano fingers a stretch and flex the old larynx. Writing is one thing, but music is a whole other 🙂

                1. I haven’t sung in sooo long now, it’ll take a fair bit of work before I dare record myself and play it to anyone. Just need to get back into the practise. Come September my youngest will be in pre-school, so I’ll have some time to myself to be able to sing to my heart’s content! 🙂
                  How’s the film going?

                  1. Yes, I hear you. I absolutely do. Get back in the swing of things first. No pressure.

                    Awww. Your youngest will be starting pre-school? Hahaha. Interesting, the life of a mom. That will be the time to get back uninterrupted I suppose. 🙂 The film, good. The film? Movin’ along. Just recently started engaging the professionals again.

                    Thanks for asking!

                    1. Glad to hear that the film is moving along. I can’t wait to see the finished product, whenever and however it is that that will come about 🙂
                      You must be really busy, hopefully in a good way of course! lol

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