Portrait and Poem

I want to be the best at what

I do, because no-one else can

Do what I do.

Now, for those who know me

And know me well

Will know that I only desire

To challenge myself.

For those who don’t, will think

Me conceited and arrogant

And wish to condemn my

Success by comparing me to


Sadly there are scant few,

Who would know me so well,

And fewer still who would

Want me to be the best at what

I do too.

19 thoughts on “The Best at What I Do

  1. Does your handwriting change when you channel? I had a flatmate at Uni who channeled and it was always interesting to see the myriad of penmanship styles that came with it.


    1. In this instance no, because I was writing about me. However, on occasion I have had some interesting effects. Actually this week while doing the drawing for a client I found that as I was writing my notes on the person in the picture my writing style changed. It was much neater and more legible than usual – which is something!


        1. Actually I find there are subtle differences whenever I connect with someone, whether face to face (which you could argue is just mirroring – something we all do apparently) or at distance. I react to people’s energy and sort of adopt it as long as they are in my focus.


                1. Yeah that’s an interesting one. I did play around with Oui-Ja boards when I was 16, I made a huge one using a wooden board with letter cards set out in a ring. And the glass really did move. With two people it’s quite difficult to move a wine glass around such a big surface just with your fingertips, and that thing flew!
                  I’ve never been able to repeat it since though. Seems to work better with more than just one person.


                  1. I experimented… a LOT. I did a heap with just two people; myself and someone else to narrow down the possibility of someone moving it. No one was moving it. Something was happening, but what exactly i can’t say.


                    1. I remember when we were kids my brother used to sit for hours at a time it seemed trying to make small objects levitate. I used to think he was mad, because nothing ever happened. He participated and experimented a lot with the boards too, and couldn’t explain it any more than I could despite his very scientific brain.
                      For me anyway it started a long line of experiments of trying to send people pulses of energy, going on the theory that what was making the glass move was some kind of electro-magnetic energy that seemed to amplify when you were collectively focussed within a group. Often my subjects would be present in the same room, and with a fair bit of success. But it didn’t end there, I discovered that I could influence people’s decisions in cards games using the same principle, focussing on the outcome that I wanted, much to my good fortune. Black-jack in particular. I still can’t really explain it adequately, but I know it works.


                    2. Nah, I’m sure I failed entrance into the Intelligence Corp because I was just too ‘unconventional’. Although, I did ace my entrance exam which apparently was a rare thing indeed. Lot of pattern recognition exercises, which I was quite good at 🙂


  2. Had to ask-since I read the comment where you said this was about you. I am very married, but have to comment that you are much prettier than that-if I may be so bold. Surely that is not a self portrait?


    1. Hehe! 🙂 No it’s not a self-portrait by a long shot! Call it a collaboration piece between the person I was channelling/drawing and my own sentiment toward who she was. Part of the juxtaposition of the poem with the portrait was that the subject was fairly harsh and angry looking, with a scarred mouth and a look that could turn you to stone. Someone who had suffered a lot of hardship, but who had a light shining from within her that no-one could see. It was meant to make the onlooker recoil and re-evaluate judgement on reading the sentiment in the words.


    1. I know from my own experience that it can be a struggle to be appreciated for who you truly are. So many people have so many opinions to proffer, and they aren’t always beneficial. As long as we don’t lose sight of who we are, then there is always a light to guide your way.
      Thank you so much for stopping by my blogs today, it is deeply appreciated.


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