Without crime there would be no innovation. Think about it…

One drives the other in an effort to outsmart or prevent, and in its perpetuation technological advancement is made. There will always be someone who will attempt to exploit new ideas whether for their own good, or ‘seemingly’ for the good of the mass populace. Just take a look at history. However, whatever side of this sociopathic coin a person or a body of people err really is of little consequence, and really is a matter for conjecture.

With it having been revealed recently that the NSA is keeping tabs on all the major internet companies and their users through a program called  PRISM, it makes you wonder what side of the coin they called. Or was it a double-headed coin?

And will I have some-one knocking on my door for having mentioned this?

The BBC T.V.’s ‘Newsnight’ article this evening that discussed the topic of the NSA’s dealings with the internet is what sparked the above gem. The implications of my little light-bulb moment made me chuckle! Irony has that effect on me.

17 thoughts on “Maz’s Memes – Heads or tails?

    1. I guess there must be a lot of people getting paid good money to do it though. In the UK there are already protocols in place that flag usage of certain key words on the internet, as I’m sure it’s true of many other countries. Personally I can’t see what difference it makes whether we know they are actively looking now at our internet logs or not. We are in effect powerless to do anything about it.


          1. I read a Brit article 2 days ago about it. The asshat said we (in the west) overreact to sharia and assured the reader that after just one public stoning there’d be no more crime in the UK.


            1. Wow! Such sound logic! Where do they find these people?
              I’m astounded that there are people in the world who think that way, even though of course I’ve been blinded by a generation of this country trying to bury the fact that up until 1975 women were still the property of men, and were to be dealt with as the men saw fit. Makes my head spin, to think that it was so recent.


                1. That is truly absurd. But like I said, myths prevail, and people like to believe in myths. The myth of equality, the myth of democracy, the myth of myth-making. Not a lot has changed in my mind since I was a kid growing up in probably the most prejudiced part of London, even though many of those attitudes were not specific to London by a long shot. A new bit of wall-paper slapped over the top to hide the age-old cracks and nobody is any the wiser. I think as a society here we have just gone from being blatantly outspoken, to dressing a pig in a frock and calling it Political Correctness.


    1. Yes you have a point. Mind you these days with the government that we have here in the UK you never know which way they are going to go. Don’t trust them as far as I can throw them.


  1. Every government we have in is like a dance with knives, you never know who’s going to cut you first. ‘Cuts’ being the operative word. I don’t like how this particular coalition seems to be back-peddling to a bygone age that really doesn’t need to touched with a barge-pole. Mind you it’s making people show their true colours in a way. I don’t remember seeing so many Union Jacks and blatant British patriotism since I was a kid watching local Millwall supporters flood the streets when a match was on. Scary stuff!


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