Inerrant margins suppress the urge to fly away

To remove from my slumber the penitent

Dregs of reform and mayhem caught in

A beautiful dance like two lovers embraced,

Stretched across a canvas painted with

Treachery and compassion. One foot engendered in retreat, the

Other firmly placed, balancing old with New.

Triumphant and visually impaired, so that thought

Is the only juxtaposition in a tussle of vows to stay humble.

Cascading massiveness, swallowing whole;

Magnificent incumbrance, transcending logic,

Tying tongues and wrenching free the nets of

Confusion, only to catch schools of thought

Fleeing the oncoming tyranny,

Like a tidal wave bereft of brevity,

Devoid of gravity in its majesty,

Towering high; riding sky, like sky riding mud;

Like mistrust placed in the hand of another,

To be shaped, moulded, coerced, controlled; made to

Appear whole and trustworthy. Forfeited,

Misinterpreted, and given voice and seen as divine;

Scudding sky; shuddering mud; thundering torrent; juddering; abhorrent.

Reminiscent of nothing but wasteful hunger,

Lingering like an aftertaste of sanguine Lust; acrimony.

Not this century; not this way; not today. Not now, no-one, no thing.

We shield our minds from the forthcoming

Flood; the blood of ancestors perverting rRreligion;

Decision to be made whole Again;

To bend the register of deception so

That madness is the only option, the only

Salient excuse to feel, to know that All has, was and will be a lie; defiled,

Reviled; a child, a Mother, a lover. another.

Don’t make me bend, don’t make me yield!

I bear the burden, I take your force, your gravitational remembrance;

The deluge of your gUIL(e)T raining down upon me from

Your all-seeing eyes; the skies, the heavens;

No Seven. No mortal quip; no justice; no

Ship to bear me adrift, and away to safe

(H)arbour. No malice borne in mortal seed.

No contempt, no greed. Just need, need

To stay alive, afloat, in the hope that my

Light will be seen in the starlit nudity of

Wakeful desire. Desire to be free, to fly, to see, to hear

To heal, to kneel before no-ONE. To call my thoughts my own,

And be done with it all. Let me continue, let me

Be, to grieve, to bleed on my own terms. To see fit the conditions

Of my journey underfoot. On mud, through sky, cresting the wave

Like a super-scudding hero-in love with life. No mortal masquerade;

Just this little fire-fly passing you by.


7 thoughts on “Super-*#&%ing Hero

  1. The first line is an absolute killer! “Inerrant margins suppress the urge to fly away”
    I must use… (No worries I’ll credit you!)
    I really like the way you incorporate every aspect of the world around your main idea. You give me ask these wonderful compliments in lieu of my craft but I’ll be the pot and call the kettle black. You are a refreshing breath of creativity. Thanks for sharing this, as usual you inspire me Ish.



    1. You may use the line as you inspired my train of thought 😉
      Thank you for reading, and taking valuable time to comment. You know I appreciate it deeply. I’ll be the pot again next time [grinning]


  2. Wow… what an emotionally charged piece. A brilliant write and very clever. Love the wordplay and your creation of the double entendre with the parentheses. Masterful wordsmithery.
    A pleasure to read, and I had to read it thrice. 🙂


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