A Herald’s Word


I know not what I say;

I know not what I feel.

Yet in my absence,

You will know that I am there.

I will deliver you as best

As my knowledge will carry me.

In your hearts you know who I am,

Though you do not believe me.

In your souls you know what I am,

Though you do not believe it.

You know why I have come:

You called me,

And I have heeded your call.

Yet for what reason do you request my presence?

For what purpose shall I strive?

Why, for love. And love alone.

What more shall I offer you?

I herald your desire to live.

Yet I also herald your desire to die,

If that is what you choose.

3 thoughts on “A Herald’s Word

  1. ‘Why, for love. And love alone.’

    This line aptly describes such a passionate quest, and purpose. If more souls chose this path, would this mortal life not be a better one… for all of us? What else, indeed, could be a greater calling.

    Lovely-thank you for sharing this, Ari.


    1. It’s a question I think we’d all want to say yes to, but I’m not sure that it isn’t just another distorted view based on cultural morals. You see I think all of us are embarked on a worthy cause, it’s just that the parameters aren’t as clearly defined as we would like them to be. Like the last three lines ‘I herald your desire to live. Yet I also herald your desire to die, If that is what you choose’ the suggestion being that either is a choice we all have, and if that’s the case that we have that much control over our ‘destiny’ then death is not an ending, just another beginning as birth is. That changes things then, because if death is just another form of existing then we have a greater scope to explore ourselves and the human condition in all its colours. And I think that is what humanity does. Just a thought 🙂
      Thank you for your comment my friend.


      1. I think rather it is our cultural morals that are distorted, and our societal norms, which are mostly distorted by blind faith in religions or governments that we don’t really comprehend, yet bow and pray to. There does seem to be a change in the air since the advent of Al Gores miracle of the internet… (HA!) And Al said ‘Let there be light, and there was light, and it was good… mostly’

        If everyone truly lived as their good book told them to(pick a book, any book-they are really pretty much the same, in their ideals and concepts)the world would be a better place. I find much truth in some, yet all truth in none.

        Love is, after all, what most religions preach, while their leaders take from the till to build their crystal cathedrals and buy their Ferrari’s – just like most governments… I think few of those leaders have a worthy cause, accept for their own fattened nests. I’m sure they see that as worthy, but I don’t.

        I also believe there is more waiting for us after this mortal life, that our true selves are spirit, or soul, if you will, and that there is great power, strength, love, and peace there. I don’t believe it can only be tapped into by crossing the threshold of death, or that a rich priest who took a vow of poverty has to pray over me at the final throe, to admit me to the kingdom. I think(don’t know-who does?) that the greater scope you speak of can be experienced in this earthly vessel. I also don’t think we are ‘human’ or part of ‘humanity’ after we cross over, at least not in the practical sense. We are certainly no longer mortal, as that is defined by our fleshy trappings.

        Unlike the worlds religious leaders, I can admit that this blind faith in something no one can define, or prove, or create at Monsanto, is just that-blind faith. It is a beautiful thing, when not used to control the masses, or fill a bank account, and can help to liberate oneself from the accepted and practiced moral values of society, if one is willing to leave those norms.

        People like you and I, for instance, and many others on the www.
        Thanks Mr. Gore.

        Thank you again for sharing, and for the dialogue, which in no way lessens my love for your work. It is from another place, and beyond and above my approval. 🙂


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