A Passing Thought



If all words could be heard,

You’d hear mine,

Tickling your ears

And making you laugh.


If all thoughts could be seen,

You’d see mine,

Waving hello

When you walked through the door.


If all emotions could be felt,

You’d feel mine,

Smiling for you

And giving you love.

2 thoughts on “A Passing Thought

  1. The lush greenery of ferns and moss cover this small opening, scattered tall white birch trees shed light shade. A small stream flows lazily through. Flutes and bells fill the warm early evening air.
    I sit still upon a large flat stone by the stream. A compassionate love sweeps over me, as I think of you. My heart sings like the smell of the rose. My spirit sparkles like the light that dances on the water…


    1. Thank you for the beautiful imagery and sentiment Christopher. I miss living up in the mountains. Much of Spain is high above sea-level and desert. It evokes a very strong sense of belonging for me, with much of my heritage being rooted in that kind of terrain. Beautifully clear spring lakes and pockets of lush green in amongst very arid mountainous land. The smell of thyme on the mountainsides is something that I always remember about my childhood. You are truly blessed to be surrounded by such a wonderful landscape. Blessings to you


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