Dandelion Head
Today was the first time in about a year that I managed to get out into my garden and do some gardening. I love my garden and couldn’t think of much better to do than sow seeds, look after my plants and take photographs especially as it has been the warmest day of the year so far. It would seem that summer may be on its way. Much needed therapy!

Everything in the garden is looking amazingly vibrant with all the rain that we’ve had and the arrival finally of warmer weather.

I love to play with macro-photography, capturing the beauty of detail and colour. On my exploration of the garden through my camera lens, I even encountered a few familiar faces.

Raef and his new den

My youngest son has spent most of the day charging about in the outdoors enjoying his new den in the corner of the garden.

Polemonium Heavenly Blue

I was in my element enjoying the sun and snapping away admiring my beautiful new blooms.

Aquilegia with bug

Aquilegias that I have grown from seed, flowering for the first time after a two-year wait.

Purple Aquilegia

Deep purple ones…

White Aquilegia

Apple-white star-shaped ones…

Then there were the pears just beginning to change shape…

Young Pear

…and strawberries.

Strawberries in flower

Even the weeds and the dried and fallen looked amazing!

ButtercupDandelion HeadDandelion headDried up rose hipRhododendron Flower HeadCampion

Then there were the Adonis Blue butterflies which are indigenous to the South of England where I live. The iridescent blue flashes of their wings visible in the sunlight around the garden.

Adonis Blue Butterfly

Then to take a break and have a coffee before tackling the tough job of weeding and thinning in the fruit cage (mini-orchard actually!)

My Favourite Slippers

Back to work. In amongst the strawberries a surprise appearance by a familiar resident πŸ™‚

Frog in the Strawberries

I always look for him in amongst the same patch of strawberries, yet he always manages to catch me by surprise!

An enjoyable afternoon!

Yellow Rambling RoseRose budFern FrondRosa LauteaIMG_3828Guinevere

Time for more coffee!

Empty Coffee Cup

10 thoughts on “Ahh… Sane Again!

  1. I too am immersed in the vibrant life that is expressed this time of year. I’m totally in my element when I’m planting things… my hands deep in the rich earth. Tuning into it’s expression and placing it in the yard where it will thrive.
    Loved this post, your climate is a bit richer because your closer to sea level. The ranch is a mile high and Billings is a little over 4,000 feet, making it a high desert. Still the colours this time of year is astounding.


        1. Why does this not surprise me…
          You and I are share the same vibration, a rare thing indeed, and I feel very fortunate to know you.


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