Speechless Heart

Heal my heavy heart Wound round my neck And made of lead. Fill my heart with warmth, ‘Till brimming full It glows with red. Cup my heart In your strong hands, And tell me that it’s Worth the sand That trickles from This hour-glass; ‘Til beating fast It knows once more The kiss of light […]

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The Spear King

  The Spear King  –   You are a welcome thorn in my side, Ever reminding me of what I am here to do. You dwell beneath my soul like A spectre from an ancient land, Ever present in my dreams and In my heart. You haunt me with your thoughts, And the brilliance with […]

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The Delicate Evangelist

The Delicate Evangelist If I remember your face, I’ll be too close to you; I’ll remember what it’s like To touch you; To feel the thrill of your presence. Inside me. You’d be inside of me; My chest would heave with you, And I wouldn’t want To let you go. I’d want to search Your […]

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Wind   Wind passes my ears; I feel its breath touch my soul; Whispering tenderness Through the eves of an apple tree As leaves float down to kiss The earth. Through kaleidoscope Breaks of waltzing clouds, A mosaic of sunbeams Caresses my skin; Riding a carriage of swirling Currents and orange light, As sighing gusts […]

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Shadows of Love

Shadows of Love     All this in my name, Yet as I enter No-one knows my face. I walk amongst them, Yet no-one knows I’m here. Were they expecting Fanfares, or carriages Of light? Were they expecting Absolution without First asking why? Did they think I would anoint them With love and compassion, Without […]

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Lady Serenity

Originally posted on Michele D'Acosta:
When Lady Serenity saw me, she swerved. Her detour a reminder not to dwell on anxiety. I want to absorb the tempo of my female hero. Go with her on a journey. We’ll decide. Fill a syrup-colored packing case with maps loosely packed. Plan our getaway on the backs of…

Playing Catch-up

There are a number of writing projects that I am working on currently, ever aiming to add new material to all of my blogs, as well as working on book material. I have been inspired recently by  comments people have made on various topics, possible subjects for a number of potential posts. Except what I’m […]

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