This is a wonderful poem by my good friend Paul Edward that really resonated with me. I love this man’s poetry it is truly inspiring!

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Love still speaks and ever flows, in places where the lamplight glows.
It walks in colors through my nights, indigo fires burning bright.
Speaking in tongues of beauteous things – harps and crowns and golden rings.
Though love lies sleeping, in my dark, it starts such fires, with it’s spark.

Meadows bristling in the winds, that come from where the tale begins,
long before this mortal cloak, found the words it glibly spoke.
Eons passing on the shores, where faeries dance  forever more…
upon the beaches, where her sieve,

forever takes… forever gives...

Be still…  the beating of this heart, aware of how the legends start,
where heroes stand and villains fall, where brave hearts yearn to heed the call,
of timeless unions, living still, amongst the bones of our free will.
Though ages pass, this will not change, our fate is ever, rearranged…

Destiny… Desire…

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