Heal my heavy heart

Wound round my neck

And made of lead.

Fill my heart with warmth,

‘Till brimming full

It glows with red.

Cup my heart

In your strong hands,

And tell me that it’s

Worth the sand

That trickles from

This hour-glass;

‘Til beating fast

It knows once more

The kiss of light

That makes it bleed,

With need,


And lustful seed.

Restart this aching

Chest of mine,

With soothing words

Of touch sublime.

Release, rekindle

Love’s strong truth

So that I can lay

Here close to you.

Your pulse beside

My pulse; inside

My skin, my flesh

My bones.

Pinned against

This mortal wall

‘Til I submit

My primal call;

A lightning charge

Discharged and freed

Electrifying; breathless

Lead me speechless

Restless, chasing

Speed; the dawn

Rising neath

Midnight’s cloak,

Soaked with all

Misdeeds revoked.

6 thoughts on “Speechless Heart

    1. Christopher your comments are extremely poignant. You express beautifully and simply what I wanted to convey in this poem but was unable to. You’ve read my heart and my appreciation of you is beyond words. I am very fortunate to know you. Blessings and light to you…


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