Wind passes my ears;

I feel its breath touch my soul;

Whispering tenderness

Through the eves of an apple tree

As leaves float down to kiss

The earth.

Through kaleidoscope

Breaks of waltzing clouds,

A mosaic of sunbeams

Caresses my skin;

Riding a carriage of swirling

Currents and orange light,

As sighing gusts

Tell of stories unfinished,

Poised in mid-sentence,

And pregnant with thought.

Autumnal laughter fills my lungs;

Its invisible fingers play

With my hair,

And pull at my clothes.

Uplifting, yet cool,

Turning my skin

A pale colour of rose.

36 thoughts on “Wind

  1. So beautiful and so you. I love the way you’ve juxtaposed the internal with the external. The leaves kissing the ground, the orange light, the unfinished stories and the pregnant thoughts. Thank you for bringing the sunlight. Love and blessings to you, dear Lady Isis x


            1. I think I could do with the wind to give me a pick me up this morning! I often wonder when I wake up feeling hung over when I haven’t been drinking, who I’m feeling hungover for! Though I don’t think it’s you 🙂


              1. Interesting… sending you positive vibrations from the greener part of Brighton! I’ve had the same feeling. Even a touch of the hungover feeling this morning. I wonder what it is?


                1. Thank you for the positive vibrations. I used to live in Preston Park many moons ago, it’s lovely and green there. Now I’m a few miles down the coast in Littlehampton.
                  Looking out of the studio window I can see that the whether and I are of the same disposition today. Heavy and tired and a bit overcast! In my case though I think it’s been all the thinking and writing that I’ve been doing all weekend.


    1. You were not the only one that awoke a bit foggy this morning, there were a few of us! A good long walk did the trick though. Thank you for stopping by today 🙂


      1. I wish, but no. The summer storms have passed and the weather is coming in from further south. This one is on its way deeper into the mountains…. must be off to visit a girl somewhere 😉


                    1. You can’t go past Elis Regina (singing Madelena, or Águas de Março) Bebele Gilberto, or Tim Maia (Gostava Tanto De Você).

                      Down in Argentina it’d be Mercedes Sosa (Volver a los 17), and that is precisely what’s soooo very wrong with them!


                    2. I don’t speak Portuguese but it is similar enough to Spanish and the other Latin languages so it’s pretty easy to understand. How is it yours is so bad then, I’m guessing you’ve lived in Brazil for a while now?


                    3. 10 years. Portuguese and I don’t see eye-to-eye. My fall back plan is convincing 200 million Brazilian to switch to English. It’s happening, but not as fast as i first hoped for…


                    4. Elis Regina is doing it for me 😉
                      10 years? I find the older I’m getting the more difficult it’s becoming to learn new languages, although I think 5 is enough.


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