Shadows of Love



All this in my name,

Yet as I enter

No-one knows my face.

I walk amongst them,

Yet no-one knows

I’m here.

Were they expecting

Fanfares, or carriages

Of light?

Were they expecting

Absolution without

First asking why?

Did they think

I would anoint them

With love and compassion,

Without first their

Own willingness to change?

So ignorant are they,

That they do not know

Their own light,

Even when it shines

Before them.

Who did they think

Would come,

Christ himself,

Or some-one like them?

How would they

Recognise me

If they themselves

Do not know

For whom they seek?

‘ He will come!’ –

Perhaps ‘She’.

I am here,

And they do not know.

Perhaps ‘tis my own

Ignorance that

Clouds their judgement.

Perhaps ‘tis I

That do not

Recognise them.

Did I not die for them?

No I did not.

Did I break bread with them?

Yes I did.

Did I forsake my

Father’s fathers?

No, for I would not

Be here now.

Façades of love

Turned architectural ruin.

All this in my name,

But home it is not.

And they are no more

Kindred to me

Than my own shadow.

Would that I could

Laugh, and show

No remorse,

But I cannot,

For they cannot.

They search in themselves

For themselves,

And this is why

They do not know me.

Shadows of sin;

Shadows of love;

Shadows. Mere shadows.

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