Flesh and Faith

Of saints and marching men,

The law-abiding tomes,

And subscribers of faith.

Flesh be blessed,

And faith be atoned.

Here within lies

Secret’s quest;

Your journey’s end,

And heart’s rejoice.

A gift bestowed

Upon your soul,

To heal thee well,

And make you whole.

Be well, and be aware.

Make blessed

Your every step;

Confuse not

Your pain with pain,

Nor struggle with struggle.

Divest your soul,

Not your body

As you lay yourself to sleep;

And awaken knowing

That your journey

Has but begun.

Lift your head,

And laugh away

The moon, for the sun

Is seldom serious;

And the stars

That light your way,

Are guides that

Whisper of enchantment,

And magic yet to be sung.

Of flesh and faith,

Come you to us,

A story to be told,

As none could tell

Save for you alone,

For precious is its weight.

Make well

Your journey here,

And join your friends

And kin alike,

And in turn

We will tell of our own,

And a new story will unfold.

No longer shall

Your heart thirst,

Nor your spirit hunger,

Nor your fingers tremble

With your failing grip

That which is real

And justified,

Holds no name;

And requires no recognition.

Be mindful of that,

Be mindful.

7 thoughts on “Flesh and Faith

  1. This spoke so strongly to me. Gave me a chill(but a good chill, ya’ know?). The vibrations you share are wonderful – almost magical – pure. Thank you. Words evade me, but I think that’s close.

    ‘….That which is real and justified holds no name; and requires no recognition’. Indeed.
    ‘No longer shall your heart thirst…’ Be still that heart, wishing it would be so for all.
    I would quote more, but it would be the whole works, as it all spoke to me, with such intent. Wonderful.

    I love your style and I perceive such wisdom in your words. Your work is so easy to read, and the flow is very familiar to me.
    Many blessings to you, friend, and thanks for sharing this. 🙂


    1. It’s interesting, over the years that I have ‘knowingly channelled’ poetry and other work I have always been aware that I was writing it for some-one, whether I knew who that was or not. That the piece in itself was a message that would reach the person or people that it was intended for when the time was right. I believe that because deep intuitive inspiration works outside of the auspices of time, years can lapse before the message finds its way home. I wrote this particular poem over ten years ago now, and it has never before been read by anyone until I published it here. I’m eternally pleased that it spoke to you.
      Warmth and blessings to you too my friend. 🙂


      1. It truly did. I think it would speak to many, and I think the messages contained in such works, or channelings, do just that. Frame of mind, circumstances, the ability to believe, I think, have great influence on that, and all written words are timeless, as is the muse. Just as we are influenced and inspired by the writings of the past, it is perhaps another example of the illusion of time, and our inner thoughts crossing that plane. 🙂


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